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The episode begins with Adhiraj and the audience clapping for Kavya. She steps onto the train. She remembered speaking with Shubh. Aiding her is Adhiraj. He claims that it aches a lot, like you were stabbed. By imparting lessons from his own life, he inspires her. Not everyone can alter the world like you, he claims. She visits the college. She snaps the photo and emails it to her relatives. She is beginning a new life, Rajeev says; be joyful. They receive a call from Gauri asking them to meet at her house. Mayank is asked by Rajeev not to come. Calls Kavya from Shubh. She claims that I entered the realm of my dreams. You misbehaved with your father, he inquires. She queries what. He claims to be your Guru, asked you to do something, and you clashed with him. She claims I informed him of us. I won’t put up with him saying that it was just between us. He is considerably more impish, according to her. Threatening her, he. You are alone, he says; I’ll watch what you do. Kavya sobs. She envisions her sister showing up to support her. You are Arjun, your sister says; just look in the fish’s eye; you are not alone; continue. Kavya advances. Karan greeted her as a man. A girl inquires as to how she can manage with so much on her own and if anyone can assist. Shall I assist, Kavya asks. Thank you, he’ll send someone, the girl responds. A male helper shows up. Thank you, Bhaiya, she says. I’m Sanjeev Varma, he adds, and I come to aid you. He gets her thanks. He is asked to take the bags of another girl. Peon requests that they keep their papers close by. Kavya searches her file. She claims that although I had retained my paperwork, they were not present at the time. The peon says you can’t enter.

She says I can go pick up more paperwork from the office. He invites her to go to the workplace. Rushing, she. Shubh removes her images. When the Bansals arrive, I won’t be so forgiving, declares Gauri. Kavya is sitting anxious. The girl hands over the updated form. Kavya claims that because courses begin tomorrow, I don’t have any documents to include with it. She is invited to meet senior mother by a man. If you can’t handle the documents, how will you handle the country, the lady wonders. No, Kavya answers, “I have it with me.” The woman claims that if you make a mistake, you can’t move on since your ranking and points won’t be valid here; you’ll need to create a new account. Kavya’s file is with Adhiraj. The lady tells him, “I can’t admit you without the papers. Go outside and take care of your problems.” Adhiraj arrives and promises to go, but not right away because the full course is present.

The file is given to Kavya. He identifies himself as OT Adhiraj Pradhan, All India Rank 9. Kavya keeps him in mind. In the train, he remembered getting her file. Kavya queries Rank 9. The laddoos are excellent, rank doesn’t matter to her, and your stuff is outside, he claims. He requests laddoos from the woman. The woman requests that Kavya thank Adhiraj. He advises me to keep the file because it might get lost again. She invites them to go. He claims you aren’t strict and that peon is a really difficult guy. She warns Kavya to use caution because the new director is more tough. As the academy director, Jaideep joins. He claims that a guru is more important than a parent and that grooming students is similar to serving the nation. He remembers what Kavya said.

Anjali claims they are demanding payment from me. According to Kavya, I will give them the cash. There is a new director, Jaideep. Kavya is told to address him as Sir rather than Uncle.