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The episode begins with Kavya becoming stopped in traffic due to a horse carriage. Adhiraj says I can go whenever I want because everyone is in a rush. She arrives at the train station. Jaideep shows up. She accepts his blessing. She claims that everything changed in a single day. He claims Shubh said nothing inappropriate. She says no, you don’t understand everything. He says no, he just requested you to wait a year, that’s all, you don’t know the whole story, watch this. He displays Shubh’s video. He continues, “I’ve never seen Shubh like this, I left my job and came here, I’m your Guru, but Shubh is my son, I worked hard on you and didn’t trust my son more, it’s just a matter of one day,” Kavya says you remember when you told me stories about your IAS life, Gauri used to say she was worried by your posting and went to her Maayka, what did you say, IAS isn’t a job, it’s a calling, you didn’t abandon your work for Gauri. He claims that our times were different. My Guru never undervalued myself and always informed me that this moment is yours, I earned it, sorry. She inquires whether Shubh will pass if I remain here. He tells me to stay back and give me Guru Dakshina. She says I can’t remain, relationships aren’t built on conditions, please forgive me, I can’t do this. He asks for her. She doesn’t pay attention. She sobs. He says you don’t believe you arrived; no, you weren’t alone on this journey; I want to see how you become an officer without my approval. He walks away. Coolie arrives to get her belongings. She responds I’ll carry my luggage and go to my destination.

Adhiraj arrives to assist. He says, “Give your bags, I’ll pay, I’m your fan, you’re Chudail from last night.” The coolie is terrified. Adhiraj cracks a joke. He gives her lines. She advances. Anjali is concerned. Rajeev is repairing a fan. Everyone is missing Kavya. According to Adhiraj, you sat in the wrong seat.

She becomes enraged and asks, “Why should I leave my seat, it’s my right?” He tells you to display the ticket. She inquires as to why. He contacts the TC. TC checks her seat and directs her to her seat. Kavya agrees. Her file is knocked over. He advises against playing the ladies card since it does not suit you. Mayank prepares noodles. Rajeev claims it’s not like Kavya’s. Anjali says, “I liked it because it wasn’t spicy.” Adhiraj is available. He ends a relationship. Kavya observes. He says rude things when he hears my conversations. She claims you told her it was over, that the sky was the limit. He claims that I dislike folks who like my father. She inquires about that girl, saying that you are all of the same sort. He rips open a chip packet. The chips land on her. He cracks a joke. She becomes enraged. He says the train is late, something is going on there, go do something, the passengers need you.

According to TC, the public is concerned, and we must depart. Kavya goes off to save the TC. Now, Adhiraj says, watch the live drama. Kavya disagrees with them. Giriraj appears and declares that “everything here runs on my orders.” Adhiraj observes. She claims that because these individuals have stopped the railway, you cannot put them in danger.

He is threatening her. She says, “Think about it: there are cameras everywhere.” He scolds his guard and tosses the stick. She introduces herself as Kavya Bansal. He answers yes, did your marriage survive or fail, I know girls like you, I glimpse the future occasionally, time will pass and you will become a lady officer. She mocks him. She claims that if the public demands for an answer one day, you will be gone because you are being videotaped, people are watching, and everyone has a phone. Adhiraj blows a whistle. Everyone applauds. Giriraj claps as well. He begins to do well. He claims that he will never forget your name again. Time does not halt for anyone, she argues. She walks away. He becomes enraged.


Kavya enrolls in the academy. Shubh bothers her. The academy’s director is Jaideep. He requests that Kavya take a year to prepare and return. Kavya sobs.