Kavya 27th September 2023 Episode 03

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The episode begins with Anjali advising Kavya. Rajeev replaces Kavya’s name on the board. He is overjoyed and compliments Kavya. He claims that for the first time, my employer called and praised me. Kavya requests that Anjali pay attention to her. She claims that she would never forget her relationship with Shubh since he forced her to. Anjali claims to have witnessed your father’s breakdown. She reflects on the past. The guests arrive and present Kavya with flowers. They extend the invitation to Kavya. Rajeev is overjoyed. Kavya tells Anjali not to be concerned. Just wait and see how she persuades Shubh. She receives a message. She leaps joyfully. They inquire as to what transpired. She demonstrates something. They both smile. She dials Shubh’s number.

She claims that the age of IAS has been raised; check the age. He inquires as to what. He checks and says, “One more year, one more chance.” She adds Giriraj has a function, and if you come to meet me there, everything would be OK. He says I’ll be there. She beams. Gauri arrives to inform Shubh of the news. I know, he says. She claims, “I told you something would happen.” He claims that Kavya also told him, “Go now, let me study.” Kavya and her family attend the event. Mayank is asked to leave by the man, as only a few people are allowed to sit here. Mayank says it’s fine, I’ll go; I just need to get into the habit of walking behind Kavya. Kavya collapses while sitting on the broken chair. A man approaches and grabs her. He motions for her to take his seat. She believes he is dissatisfied with his choice. He walks away smiling.

The Minister arrives. The man observes. Shubh, Gauri adds, you came here to assist Kavya; would she remember you? He claims she loves me a lot, that she prayed, and that she will not let anything happen to our relationship. The minister praises and rewards the girls. The awardees are announced by the man. Adhiraj Pradhan’s name is called. Everyone looks around. Kavya wonders who he is. Kavya’s name is called. She walks away. Everyone is happy. She asks if I want to say anything. Yes, Minister, we will be delighted, please say. The media arrives. The reporter mocks him for his failure. Kavya says, “I’d like to dedicate my award to my Guru ji, mother, and father.”

Everyone applauds her. She thanks Shubh for his help. She describes herself as my friend, life partner, and fiancée. Shubh smiles and motions for the reporter to follow. Mayank observes. Shubh says my fiancée Kavya is leaving the seat for me for a year so that we can both become IASs. A reporter inquires whether you forced her to leave her seat. Shubh inquires, “What, EOL is an option, she can join in the next batch, extra ordinary leave is available, Kavya and my relationship is special?” Mayank arrives and declares that he will not tolerate a girl walking ahead of him.

They are at odds. Shubh says, “Leave me alone, I’ll beat you.” They begin to fight. Kavya and her family arrive. They put an end to the conflict. Rajeev invites Shubh to accompany him. Shubh believes Mayank has gone insane. Kavya claims that is a personal concern for her. When the reporter asks if you are leaving the seat, your fiancé responds that you are taking a leave and leaving the seat. Rajeev chastises Mayank.

Mayank claims that I battled on Kavya’s side. Gauri becomes enraged and accuses him of misbehaving. Mayank wonders if you can wreck Kavya’s life. Shubh and Mayank are arguing once more. Kavya shows up. Shubh asks him to explain himself. Shubh, just tell me one thing, it’s all a lie, says Kavya. She sobs. She claims you told the reporters something about me. Shubh replies you said I could try again, you’ll go to academy with me, what’s wrong, you’ll have to wait a year for me. She claims you saw nothing wrong with it and made the decision for me without consulting me.

He shifts her hand. Her watch breaks. He says, “I said we’d go to academy together, you can take leave,” and Mayank made a big deal about it. Gauri believes Shubh is correct; Anjali, please explain your daughter. She mocks Kavya. Shubh takes a step on Kavya’s watch. Kavya walks over to take it. Shubh suggests that Mayank apologize. You know you trod on my elder sister’s watch, she says. He says I didn’t know it dropped, so take it and beg your brother to apologize. Kavya requests that Mayank apologize. Mayank apologizes, saying, “I should not have fought with you.” Gauri asks if we should go. Shubh affirms. Kavya intervenes.

Kavya leaves and arrives to the academy. She meets the man…. The minister upsets her by saying, “I will never forget your name.” Kavya is threatened by Gauri and Shubh.