Kavya 26th September 2023 Episode 02

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The episode begins with Kavya going to console Shubh. He says you were chosen, I failed, my father is an IAS officer, and I will never be an IAS officer. Listen to me once, she says, you have skill, and no one can stop you. He says I’m annoyed, get away, and don’t come close. He shoves her and tells her to get away. He leaves. She suggests that you do something else. He says it’s simple: you leave the seat for me and do something else because you love me, right? The option is yours; think IAS or me. She assumes you mean I passed the exam and should leave. Then leave me, he adds. He smashes a flower pot. He asks if you would do this for me if I failed and you passed. He says you have three more chances; I would have assisted you. She adds my question isn’t that, but rather, why would you leave such an opportunity for me. He says no, I can match your steps but not walk behind you, I can’t do it. They are at odds. He tells you to either walk with me or choose a career. She sobs and begs, “Why are you doing this?” He walks away. Kavya recalls a previous encounter with Shubh. Shubh’s father inspects their plans and reads Kavya’s love letter to Shubh. Right, he replies, I taught you this. Shubh beams. Gauri is called by his father. Kavya becomes shy. Shubh interrupts her and adds, “You’ve told it so easily, I thought you’d ask me not to waste your time on these things.” She claims that also applies to you… I love you, he says. She inquires as to why you were waiting. He claims you’ve gotten ahead of me. He raises her. He claims that if you are with me, I will easily pass IAS. IAS, Mr. and Mrs. She beams. FB comes to an end. Kavya’s ring falls to the ground. She takes it and leaves. A man notices Shubh and Kavya walking downstairs. Shubh’s father says, “Kavya, congratulations, I had no doubt, I knew you would pass on the first try, you have made your teacher’s name proud.” Kavya accepts his benediction. He says, “It’s your day, you’ve won, don’t let anything stand in your way.” He congratulates her parents and invites them to a party.

He requests that the men play dhol. He departs, concerned for Shubh. Kavya beams as she joins her family in dancing. Everything is revealed to Kavya’s brother by the man.

Shubh’s parents arrive. Gauri believes Kavya is fortunate because she passed whereas Shubh failed. Shubh’s father claims she worked hard; I educated both of them. Shubh argues angrily. He leaves. Gauri believes you should be concerned about your son. Shubh’s father says, “I’m also sad, my dream has broken, and I have to leave for Delhi right now.” Kavya communicates with her parents. Shubh has threatened Kavya, according to her brother. Kavya claims that it is my problem. He makes an argument. He says, “I am very proud of you; you cleared IAS, and Shubh asked you to choose between him and IAS.” Kavya claims he was upset; I’m sure his rage will subside. She fastens a thread around the ring. Anjali says Shubh is our son-in-law; he informed Kavya that he did the engagement in anger; he will calm down, and everything will be OK, right, Kavya? Kavya says I’ll speak with him. She brings her brother with her. Kavya calls Shubh somewhere. She surprises him by showing him their photos. He wonders what all of this is about. She says it’s not wrong if one desire is left unfulfilled, please listen to me, you’re a software engineer, you can start your startup, I’m with you, see how these two years pass, come to meet me, we’ll have lunch on video chats and talk, we’ll realize all our dreams. She is seated on her knees. He says your knees will pain, get up, and tell him if you’re wounded. She beams.

She inquires about his response. He says, “I’m sorry, but I can’t be known by your name.” He walks away. She sobs.
Shubh says Kavya is vacating her seat for me. He thrashes Kavya’s brother. Gauri mocks Kavya. Kavya is chastised by a minister. Anjali inquires, “How will you respond, Shubh?” Jaideep requests that Kavya remain.