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The episode starts with Sanjeev, Payal, and others submitting their report to Jaideep. Jaideep is pleased with Sanjeev and Payal’s project progress. Jaideep inquires about Kavya’s report. Kavya hands him a document. Jaideep examines it and wonders why she didn’t participate in the hospital’s renovation. If she is not interested in working on the project, he says he will allocate it to someone else. Kavya expresses interest in working on the project. She asks him to transfer Adi to another project. Adi is taken aback. According to Jaideep, changing Adi in another project is not doable. Kavya refuses to collaborate with Adi. Jaideep replies she doesn’t have a choice and urges her to finish their project as quickly as possible before leaving.

Adi inquires as to why Kavya does not want him involved in her endeavor. Kavya ignores him and drives away in an auto. Adi follows Kavya’s car. Kavya visits the hospital where Navya died by suicide. Adi arrives at Kavya. He wonders why she doesn’t want him involved in the project. Kavya tells him that he has made her feel ashamed. Adi claims he did nothing wrong. Kavya wonders if he didn’t impede the rebuilding process by sending vendor information to his brother. Adi makes an attempt to convey the truth. Kavya does not pay attention. Adi wonders why she can’t work calmly. Kavya claims she won’t be able to work calmly until she can prove her sister’s innocence. She tells him that Navya is her sister and that she wants this facility to reopen soon. Adi is distressed. He apologizes to Kavya for making light of Navya’s death the night before. The Watchman learns that Kavya is Navya’s sister.

Kavya chooses to expose the truth about her sister to the locals. Adi informs her that this is not the best course of action. Kavya requests that he not follow her. She locks him in a room and walks away.
Kavya seeks to persuade the village headman to support her hospital redevelopment project. The Villager’s leader refuses to assist her. One of the locals inquires as to whether Navya is connected to her. Kavya reveals herself to be Navya Bansal’s sister. Villagers, on the other hand, are enraged. Kavya adds Navyaa is a gold medalist who couldn’t stand the charges against her, so she committed suicide, and it’s the end of a chapter. My family also lost my sister, just like you folks lost your children, so forget about the past and help me rebuild the hospital. She assures them that it will benefit all of them. Adi manages to flee the hospital. The village chief declares that Kavya will be killed. Adi arrives disguised as a villager and flees with Kavya. Villagers are alerted by the watchman, and they begin after Kavya and Adi.
On the phone, Omi informs Giriraj that he has dispatched men to end Kavya’s chapter. Giriraj chastises him for endangering Adi’s life. Villagers arm themselves and surround Kavya and Adi with flaming torches. Adi humiliates them and flees with Kavya.

The episode has come to an end.

Kavya and Adi are given shelter by a lady. Lady receives a phone call from her husband, who informs her that Kavya is the sister of their baby’s murderer, Navya.