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The episode begins with Kavya conducting an online interview. Can you dedicate more time to your country than to your family, according to the man? Sure, she adds with a smile…. I can have it all: a good daughter, a good wife, and a good officer; my fiancée will be the most supportive person for me; and my father, Guru, and life partner will be instrumental in my success. He asks what else you can do for this position if you talk big. She says whatever she wants. He says anything, then jumps out the window and demonstrates.

She moves the laptop screen closer to the window. She scales the window railing and leaps inside. She claims that I leaped. He chuckles. He enters her chamber. She embraces him. He claims that we have both prepared adequately for the IAS. She claims that we will be chosen in a matter of hours for my dreams. Mr. and Mrs. IAS, he says. They depart.

Kavya and Shubh are on their way and communicating with their parents via the internet. Shubh’s mother claims they’ll marry in the winter. Kavya believes it will be too soon. Shubh’s father tells Kavya, “Make your Guru proud.” He asks Shubh if he will be successful this time. Shubh affirms. They wish you the best of luck. Papa appeared nervous, according to Kavya. Shubh predicts that we will both be selected, that we will become officers, and that we will marry. They become stuck in traffic. He predicts that we will be late. She notices a man standing on the roof of the building. She claims he is about to jump down. Shubh answers no, the police are come to save him. Kavya reflects on her sister’s suicide. She insists that I save him. He claims that we are running late. She tells you to leave since this is your final chance. He says, “OK, go.” She dashes inside the structure. She approaches the man and says, “Do your work, I came here for some fresh air, if you fall down, your bones will break, you will not die.” He says, “Shut up and come back.” She inquires if it is about a girl. He responds, “Get out of here, I came here to end the expense.” He describes his problem. He claims that my loan file is stalled. She inquires as to where. He informs her. She says, “Wait 10 minutes, I want to try.” She phones Shubh’s father and requests the phone number of the company’s chairman. He inquires about the interview, as well as your and Shubh’s whereabouts. She claims he went to an interview. He says I’ll send the phone number. She notices the net and tells him to halt because if he falls into it, he will become even more confined. She receives the call and dials Kailash’s number. She introduces herself and describes Vimal’s decision to commit suicide. She claims that if this guy dies, your plan would be wrecked. He suggests to ask that guy to send the file to me, but threatening in this manner is wrong. She claims that a middle-class man aspires to make a difference via his hard work. He says enough is enough, send me his file, and this should never happen again. She says you have the opportunity. The man inquires. She says your paperwork will be delivered there; go home, fill out an application, and present your thoughts to Kailash. Vimal expresses gratitude to her. Everyone applauds her. She says promise me that you will not try to end your life, that your loved ones will be left behind if you die, that you will not do this again, and that you will send me sweets when you get the loan. She walks away. The police arrive. Kavya is being pursued by the media. Kavya walks away.

She shows up for the interview. The lady inquires as to her name. Kavya Bansal says Kavya Bansal. Your turn has passed, according to the lady. Kavya advises against doing so. The lady motions for her to take a seat. Shubh arrives and inquires if you arrived on time. She declines. He says you’ve been prepared for two years, but you took the risk in one minute. She claims he was saved. He compliments you on your efforts. She is summoned inside.

In the panel, she meets Kailash Khosla. He claims you arrived late. She claims it was a matter of life and death, and I was late because I was assisting someone. Kailash responds, “Wow, you’re amazing to forget your dream.” She claims it is my responsibility. He begins to question her. She responds. He makes fun of Vimal’s case. She narrates a narrative about her sister’s suicide. She adds, “I want to become IAS to help people for whom doors have not opened,” adding, “This watch is old, but it serves as a compass for me, pointing towards my goal, IAS Kavya Bansal.” Kailash says you’re free to go.

The interview is then given to a man. It’s morning, and Kavya’s mother has asked her to wake up since she has an engagement today. Kavya awakens and reports that Kailash was there during the interview. Her father says it’s been a month and you’re still thinking about him, but don’t worry, you’ll be a big officer. Her mother claims you told your other daughter to prepare for marriage as well. He becomes depressed. She sobs. Kavya claims you didn’t understand your wife till now; she speaks bitterly but is kind. He apologizes for putting you under pressure. She calms him down. He calls you his pride and joy. Her brother arrives and cracks jokes. Her mother tells her, “I want your new beginning in life, Kavya; get ready, come.” Kavya embraces her parents. Shubh is accompanied by his parents. He performs a dance. Kavya smiles when she sees him. Rabba jaanta….plays… Kavya says I’ll wear the ring even if you’re not chosen. Shubh turns to face her. The rings are exchanged. She claims you did not adjust the ring size. Shubh inquires. According to Kavya, our relationship is robust, and we are embarking on a new adventure. He claims that I have triumphed by obtaining you. Everyone is happy. Shubh and Kavya receive phone calls. They go over the results. According to Kavya, I passed. Everyone cheers and applauds for her. Her father smiles and hugs everyone. Kavya dances joyfully. Shubh’s mother claims it is because to Shubh. Shubh becomes depressed and throws his phone. He walks away. Kavya answers the phone and inquires.

Shubh says Kavya is relinquishing her seat for me for a year. He thrashes Kavya’s brother. Shubh’s mother is rude to Kavya. Shubh, what will you say to Kavya’s mother? Kavya is taken aback.