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The episode begins with Adhiraj questioning Kavya about why she is neglecting him. Jaideep stops by to chat with them. It’s your turn now; we’ve reviewed the projects’ preliminary evaluations and will now reach a final judgment. He examines Payal’s undertaking. He says, “You did a great job; congratulations.” “Anusha did the best project; congratulations.” Each person claps. Jaideep inquires about the endeavor of Kavya and Adhiraj. Giving the file is Kavya. Jaideep inquires as to why there has been no progress on your project; please elaborate. Kavya, who was enthusiastic about the initiative, is asked to explain what transpired. If you can’t handle it, he continues, I can change the project. Kavya adds, “Please move Adhiraj to another project. I want to work on this one alone. I don’t want him as a project partner.” Jaideep states that you must collaborate with others on a project; we are unable to make decisions based just on your comfort zone. Our ways of thinking don’t align, she claims. He adds, “Thanks, we’ll talk soon, and my decision is final.” He departs.

Adhiraj queries Kavya about the incident. She takes off in a car. After he pulls over the motorist, he asks Kavya what transpired. She goes. He chases after the car. He pulls her aside and says, “Tell me what happened to you.” Please release my hand, she begs. Why did you become so angry with me, he queries. You are not sincere, she says. “I’m following your orders,” he says. She claims that my efforts were wasted. He claims, “I followed your instructions.” She asks, “Am I lying? Did I ask you to tell your brother to ruin our work?” He claims that having spoken with her, he has no authority to force the merchants to comply. Wonderful, I want to know why your brother came here and stayed in a guesthouse. Go ask him why he did this; you seem like a fool, she says. Omi didn’t do this, he claims, and everyone is functioning normally. You have troubled me. She claims that she is unable to rest because she needs to restore the hospital and clear Navya Bansal’s name because she was her older sister and you all teased her. Astonished is Adhiraj.

He claims I didn’t know, or I would not have made that joke, and I’m truly sorry. We’ve only been acquainted for a few days, she continues. You seem concerned about me; consider my family and their feelings at Navya’s death. I want to cleanse her name. She goes. A man is always listening. Kavya sobs and lets out her rage. Adhiraj reaches out to halt her. He claims that I’m going to the locals to let them know that Navya is innocent and that she was set up as part of the con. Do not do this, he warns. She claims that after I tell them the truth, they would assist me. He warns against doing this since they are hostile. She requests that he focus on his own work. After leaving, she shuts the door. He yells. He knocks on the door, breaking it. He chases her after. When Kavya first encounters the people, she goes by Kavya Bansal. She says, “I want assistance in reopening the hospital.” They decline. It will benefit everyone, she continues, so please assist me. They say, “Just go; we will never help you.” She claims the hospital will open whether you help me or not, and that her family doesn’t have the right to an explanation. She also mentions the doctor who killed himself as a result of your mistakes. Are you related to her, the man queries. She claims that my older sister was Navya. They become irate. She continues, “I lost my older sister, but I need a hospital here, please help me. It’s important to forget about the accident and move on right now.” The villagers become enraged with her. Adhiraj rushes over to halt their progress. He plays them by pretending to take care of her initially. Kavya is asked to run and come. They bolt. The men come next. I’ve sent the goons to Sarpanch’s office; watch how my thugs will attack Kavya, adds Omi. Giriraj reprimands him. He continues, “Fool, you have put Adi’s life in danger by using your head when I tell you to do what I say.” Omi is worried and hangs up. He becomes irate. Adhiraj and Kavya flee while battling the incensed locals. Dil se re……..plays. Adhiraj protects her from harm. He battles the locals.


A female aids Kavya. She gives her spouse a home call. The man claims that Kavya, who is Navya’s sister, has come to this area.