Kavya 24th October 2023 Episode 22

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The story begins with Kavya returning home. She’s frustrated because all the vendors are refusing to work with her, as if someone is causing trouble. She and her team are facing challenges on their path to success. Sanjeev thanks Anusha for her help, but Payal questions how long Kavya can keep winning. Anjali visits Malini’s house and is amazed by its size. They have a pleasant chat over tea. Anjali shares about her family, and Malini asks about Navya.

Meanwhile, Kavya and Payal get into an argument, and Kavya accuses Payal of creating problems for her. Adhiraj decides to play a prank by dressing up as a doctor and scaring everyone. This triggers memories of the past for Kavya, making her emotional. Anjali also shares her sorrow about losing Navya and how their middle-class dignity was taken away. Malini comforts her, and everyone gets startled by Adhiraj’s act.

Kavya, still emotional about her past, decides to take action against those responsible for her current troubles. Adhiraj apologizes to Kavya for his prank and promises to work better. She tells him to find out who is pressuring the vendors to refuse them.

Adhiraj then visits Omi to ask if he’s influencing the vendors. Kavya follows him, and Omi denies any involvement. Omi and Giriraj discuss their plan to stop the hospital from being built on valuable land worth 150 crores. Omi is troubled by lying to Adhiraj.

Kavya decides to pack her things, feeling defeated. She receives a call from Rajeev, who encourages her to keep fighting. In a preview of what’s to come, Kavya faces villagers who are angry at her, but Adhiraj steps in to protect her.