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In this episode, Adhiraj offers ginger tea to Omi and suggests he should stay at a good lodge for better sleep, but Omi wants to stay with the team. Kavya, who often scolds Adhiraj, visits the hospital and becomes emotional, while a guard blames her for his son’s death after an injection. Anjali receives an invitation from Malini, a friend she met at the academy, and contemplates what to wear since Kavya has become an IAS officer.

Meanwhile, Kavya and her colleagues engage in a playful pillow fight. Kavya asks if they have completed their work for the day, but they playfully evade her. Adhiraj jokes around with Kavya, who is preoccupied with her responsibilities. The manager reprimands them for their antics and instructs them to wake up early the next day due to rumors of a ghost.

Kavya faces difficulties in securing supplies for the hospital project, as several suppliers refuse to cooperate. Omi gets into a fight but is stopped by Giriraj, who advises him to control his anger, as he aspires to become a prominent politician. Later, Kavya consults Adhiraj about the saree Anjali should wear, and he helps her choose one.

Anjali gets ready for her meeting with Malini, and Mayank encourages her. Kavya offers assistance to her but is in a hurry and tells her to wear the saree suggested by Adhiraj. Kavya experiences difficulties in securing supplies for the hospital and becomes determined to find out why the vendors are reluctant.

In the upcoming episode, Adhiraj confronts Omi, and Kavya is suspicious, thinking that Adhiraj may have disclosed vendor information to his brother.