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The episode begins with Kavya contacting Anjali and Rajeev. She inquires as to whether you arrived in Lucknow. Anjali says okay, you can take a day off and come home to attend Rama’s daughter’s wedding; her relative is also coming from the United States. Kavya claims that I will not marry an NRI. Anjali says OK, he’ll settle here as well. Kavya requests that you spare me. This, according to Anjali, is the issue with your generation. They are having a discussion. Anjali hangs up the phone. She claims that people will make news and that we must act. He tells her not to bother her because she is going through a difficult training phase. Kavya and the others arrive in Basant Khedi. The villagers chastise and threaten them. They request that OTs leave the village. Police officers arrive and ask the OTs to leave.

The manager shows them around and informs them that they must all share the same room. Sanjeev is concerned. Adhiraj quips that your respect will not get you in trouble. Kavya inquires as to how we will sleep in the same room. Adhiraj teases you about sleeping soundly in my room. Karan inquires if there isn’t a circuit house. Jaideep appears and informs everyone that there is a five-star hotel nearby and that you are all here for safety reasons. Adhiraj agrees with you. Jaideep informs them of the new projects that would be carried out in the community. He delegated the projects to them. He assigns Kavya the hospital project. Kavya inquires? He responds sure, you worked hard to get here, and you should get this project. A man calls Omi and informs her that Adhiraj has arrived for the hospital project. Okay, says Omi. He approaches Giriraj and informs him that he has good news: Adhiraj has accepted the hospital project. Giriraj says, “Go there and explain to Adi how to fulfill my dream.” Omi says you know your son well; he will do what you don’t want, however I will do what you say. Giriraj mocks him. Omi says I’ll get the hospital property.


Jaideep instructs Kavya to stay inside her boundaries and do her assignment. She claims that we cannot change the past. He says your dedication is your strength, but it also becomes your weakness; villagers should not know you are Navya’s sister since Navya is the perpetrator; you respect me Guru correctly; remember this project is simply a stumbling block; your path is long; remember this project should not get in your way. Kavya expresses gratitude to him. She claims you are always available to guide her. Omi will arrive shortly. He calls the manager and instructs him to keep a watch on Adhiraj. Kavya converses with Adhiraj. He insists and requests that she allow him to use the restroom. She inquires as to who stopped you. He bolts. Everyone prepares. Payal wonders where Kavya has gone. Karan claims to have gone outside. Payal claims that the management stated that the villagers pose a threat. Kavya visits the hospital and remembers Navya. Omi arrives to meet with Adhiraj. According to Adhiraj, you surprised him. Omi says I’ve been missing you. Adhiraj claims that none of this suits you, but Neta ji disagrees. Omi suggests addressing him as Papa. Adhiraj requests evidence. He chuckles. Omi claims that her father wishes to reopen the government hospital. Kavya is asked where she is going by the guard. Kavya says, “I’ve come for inspection.” My name is Kavya. Sorry, go inside, said the guard. Adhiraj inquires as to why. Omi claims that dad has a lot of work in this file. Adhiraj says it has the hospital project details, nothing exceptional, how can I help you? Omi suggests tea. Adhiraj requests that the manager get Omi some tea. He leaves. Omi examines the file. He takes photographs. He phones someone and tells them that no development should take place in this village. He chuckles. Adhiraj notices Omi. Omi notices him as well.



Kavya is given the hospital project by Jaideep. Kavya converses with the villagers. They become enraged with her. Adhiraj saves and cuddles Kavya.