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The episode begins with Adhiraj declaring, “Maa, I’ll go now.” He accepts the blessings of Giriraj and Malini. Giriraj reflects on Omi’s remarks. He promises that my name will shine if I work hard. Adhiraj responds, “I’m not going there for a picnic; I’m going to take care of your name, take care of mum.” Kavya says I’ll leave now. Anjali advises to keep calling. Take care, says Kavya. She runs into Malini. Malini requests that she look after her. On the phone, Jaideep speaks with Shubh. Shubh thinks I’ve lost everything, but I can’t lose Kavya, whom I adore. Jaideep assures her that nothing will happen to her. Shubh claims I broke the engagement, but if something happens to her, I will take action; you are now accountable for her. Jaideep assures her that nothing will happen to her. Everyone takes a seat on the bus. Adhiraj motions for Kavya to take a seat. Kavya claims you leaked the footage since you know no one can harm you. Omi receives a phone call from Giriraj. Giriraj says Adi has departed for Basant Khedi; go and assist him; we need to prove that the land is unusable before we can have it, did you understand? Omi affirms. Sanjeev claims I leaked the film; I sent it to my brother, who shared it to someone else; Adhiraj isn’t to blame; he saved me. Kavya visits Adhiraj. She trips and falls. She takes a seat next to him. He takes a step back. She approaches him.

They are at odds. He is flirting with her. She beams. Friends, she adds I need a pal. Adhiraj believes friendship is dull; I can’t be your friend, but I’ll try. They both smile. They all dance well on Ladki…. Kavya has a crush on Adhiraj. She receives a phone call. Shubh inquires as to how you are. Kavya thinks I’m alright; how about you? He says, “I’m fine; where are you, bus?” She confirms, “I’m going to Basant Khedi.” He says, “I was wondering if it was necessary to do that there.” She inquires, “Did Uncle ask you to call me?” He replies no, I’m scared about you, don’t go if at all possible. She asks, “If you were worried about me, why did you keep the condition that we got away?” He says, “I really love you, drop the idea.” She responds, “I can’t run away from this,” and asks if you’re studying for the UPSC. He claims I didn’t begin. She inquires, “Why, promise me you will focus well?” He says fine, but I have a question: do you still miss me? Kavya sobs.


Malini notices Anjali sobbing. She inquires as to why you are crying when Kavya has departed. No, says Anjali. Malini reassures her. Anjali expresses gratitude to her for assisting Kavya. Giriraj calls Malini and asks if she wants to come with him. Malini hangs up the phone. Anjali inquires, “Does your husband speak in a loud tone?” Malini converses with her. Adhiraj is dozing off. He awakens and notices Kavya. They arrive in Basant Khedi. Kavya thinks of Navya. She sips water.


Kavya is given the hospital project by Jaideep. Kavya converses with the villagers. They become enraged with her. Adhiraj saves and cuddles Kavya.