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The episode begins with Kavya attending a press conference. The guard stops her and tells her that it is not permitted. Adhiraj stops Kavya and tells her not to risk her job and to come with him. He returns Kavya. Kavya says I don’t have time; I need to go tell them I’m alright because they want to expel me from the academy. He advises to wait 2 minutes and things will change. She says I’m leaving. He puts a halt to her. The reporter reports that Kavya completed the wall yesterday; she has always performed admirably; what would you say about it? Kavya observes. Jaideep inquires as to how you obtained this information. We are journalists, according to the reporter. Kavya inquires of Adhiraj, “Did you do this?” Adhiraj phones his friend, the reporter Raghav, and informs him of the news. Don’t thank me, Adhiraj replies, just watch. This isn’t appropriate for Jaideep, according to Kavya, and I don’t want anything awful to happen to him. He thinks you’re fantastic. Raghav asks Jaideep whether Kavya Bansal was the best performer or not. Jaideep says she’s fine, she did well on the assignments, and if you have no further questions, we’ll conclude it here, thank you very much. Sir, I have a question, says Malini. She introduces herself as Malini Pradhan, an ex-IAS officer two years your junior. Kavya inquires whether Adhiraj’s mother is an IAS officer. Adhiraj responds yeah, but not as mad as you, because you have spoilt my mother. Malini says, “I’m a passout from this academy, and I want to tell you something.” You may recall that an OT’s hand was fractured during training, and the OT received support from the other trainees, and he has contributed greatly to the country; you were that OT. We Cads have a motto, “I’m a warrior, and no warrior fights the battle alone,” and if any OT has talent, it is our duty to guide them. Rajeev and Anjali are both smiling. Giriraj, according to Malini, wants Kavya to work on the Basant Khedi project. She inquires of Giriraj what he want to communicate.

Adhiraj grins. Giriraj nods and claps. Jaideep praises Malini and says, “Welcome back to the academy, you have refreshed my exceptional memory, injustice will not occur with any OT, everything will take place according to the rules, and we will include Kavya’s name in the Basant Khedi project.”

Kavya is overjoyed. Everyone applauds. Kavya embraces Adhiraj. Jaideep notices Giriraj. Giriraj and Malini go away. Adhiraj and Kavya arrive. Adhiraj is stopped by Giriraj. He claims, “I thought you were weak in politics, but you planned it well.” Adhiraj winks and taunts him. Giriraj thinks that partial knowledge is bad since it prevents you from thinking about the future. He tells Kavya to mind her own business so she won’t be confused. He smiles and sends his best wishes. Adhiraj returns. Giriraj departs.

Adhiraj congratulates Malini and gives her a hug. Malini says, “I feel like I’m breathing today, like I’m back in IAS.” In front of Kavya, she compliments Adhiraj. Kavya expresses gratitude. She says you’ve become my inspiration and that I can call you for advice now and then. Malini gives a nod. Rajeev puts a stop to Jaideep. He claims that you can try your hardest, but the truth will triumph in the end. Jaideep says that sometimes a person believes he has won, but it is only the beginning of his failure; Basant Khedi has taken your daughter, your second daughter is on her way there, you believe you have won; life is long, the struggle will last a long time; be prepared. Kavya appears and declares, “I’ve been ready for the last 12 years, the pain we’ve endured has made me strong.” He bids her the best of luck. Kavya is congratulated by everyone. They are all smiling.

Giriraj inquires as to what Kavya done to make you happy. She said she reminded her of me. He grabs her and tells her, “Ex IAS officer, Malini, you decided to leave the IAS position.” She believes that one must acknowledge powerlessness as a longing or else the heart will burst. He claims he doesn’t understand women, but tell Adhiraj he’s on a perilous path. She is concerned. Rajeev tells Anjali not to be concerned. Anjali disagrees. If you think Navya will return if you go there, she says forget it. Rajeev says it’s just been 12 years, so we shouldn’t be concerned. She threatens what will happen if anyone discovers Kavya is Navya’s sister. He claims that nothing will happen, and Kavya wishes to go there and put an end to the story. Anjali is explained by Kavya. Anjali advises you to take a step back from some battles. Kavya embraces her.

Precap: Sanjeev claims I leaked the footage, but Adhiraj is lying. Kavya and Adhiraj share a private time.