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In this episode, Kavya starts by trying to break a wall, but she remembers what Jaideep said. She stops and says she won’t give up. Instead, she starts repairing the damaged wall. While she’s doing this, it starts raining, and everyone watches her in amazement. Anusha wonders if Kavya will ever stop, and Karan doesn’t think she will. Payal asks if the news is true, and Adhiraj asks Nalini to see what Giriraj did, saying that he had made a friend, but Giriraj took her away from him. Nalini looks at Kavya. Rajeev and Anjali come over and support Kavya, and she hugs them while crying.

Sanjeev goes to Adhiraj and asks for forgiveness. Adhiraj forgives him and says it’s okay, whether he leaked the video or Adhiraj did. Nalini believes Adhiraj and says she knew he couldn’t do something like that. Sanjeev apologizes, and she tells him he needs to support Adhiraj since he’s made a new friend. Sanjeev thanks Adhiraj and expresses his willingness to do anything for their friendship. He goes to get some tea. Nalini encourages Adhiraj to smile, but he says he can’t find anything to joke about. She tells him it’s a good thing because he usually keeps his feelings to himself. Rajeev and Anjali agree that it’s a problem and ask Adhiraj to come with them to Basant Khedi.

Anjali is hesitant, saying that she doesn’t want to send Kavya there because she lost a daughter in that place, and she doesn’t want Kavya to bear the burden of those memories. She cries and tries to explain that she doesn’t wish bad things for Kavya. Kavya talks about how Navya passed away 12 years ago, and they’re still mourning her loss. She feels like they’ve lost something, and Rajeev recalls the past. They all cry for Navya. Kavya tells them that Basant Khedi is not just a project; it’s her life’s purpose, and she can’t move on until she fulfills it. They ask how she plans to proceed with Jaideep trying to stop her, and she wipes her tears, holds their hands, and takes them with her.

Nalini tells Adhiraj to fix the situation, and he asks how. She encourages him to use his brain, have courage, move forward, and win. Adhiraj is surprised, and she mentions that Kavya is the one who built the wall that’s now broken, and Kavya is the determined one in this year’s group, just as Nalini was back in her time. Adhiraj smiles and asks if she built the wall too, and she confirms it, calling it a challenge that requires madness to conquer. She believes that Kavya’s passion needs support and that Adhiraj can help her. They share a heartfelt moment.

Kavya meets Ms. Sinha and asks to attend the press conference. Ms. Sinha refuses, saying that OTs aren’t allowed, but Kavya insists that it’s about her and her project. She worries that she’ll lose a year if she can’t address the press. Meanwhile, Jaideep addresses the media and gives a statement against Kavya. The OTs watch the interview on TV. Jaideep praises Adhiraj for his bravery, and Adhiraj assures Kavya not to worry. However, Kavya scolds him for not speaking up. Jaideep speaks negatively about Kavya and lies about her mental health issues. Anjali is concerned about what he’s saying, and Giriraj signals Jaideep. Jaideep continues to speak against Kavya.

In the preview for the next episode, Jaideep mentions that the struggles will continue, and Kavya declares that she’s ready to fight and win. Anjali is worried about Kavya’s future, but Kavya remains determined to overcome the challenges.