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Giriraj begins the episode by speaking with Adhiraj. He claims that you will not be ejected from here and that I will win whatever. Adhiraj thinks you’re fantastic. Giriraj believes you possess all of the characteristics of an excellent politician. Adhiraj laughs and walks away. Kavya claims Adi can’t do this, then why did he leak the video and imply nothing bad will happen to him? Giriraj tells Jaideep that nothing will happen to the academy’s name, that everyone would appreciate him, and that if the matter is not in our favor, we should amend it. Jaideep claims that he only knows the rule book and that it is your responsibility to modify the rules; I only follow them. Giriraj replies, “You are the officer’s hero; we will call the press and show that my son saved that girl; they learned this from you; just make sure that girl…” Jaideep inquires about the girl. Giriraj replies, “Think about it, if we’re going to make someone a hero, we have to make someone a villain as well, do you understand?” Ms. Sinha is given the project. Sanjeev embraces Adhiraj. Kavya can’t find her name. She becomes depressed. Sanjeev claims that you saved his life. Adhiraj claims that they can remove you, but not me; Giriraj has retained his name by saving me. Sanjeev responds, “I’m glad your name is on the list.” Adhiraj inquires as to what my name is. He double-checks his name. Kavya observes. Sanjeev says you receive everything without working hard; I’m glad you’re progressing. Adhiraj claims Giriraj is framing him; I’m not going there; let’s see who prevails. According to Anusha, you will have more opportunities. Payal is upset because Kavya wants to go there. Anusha requests that you leave her alone.

Kavya pursues Jaideep. She inquires as to why I was denied for the project. Everyone shows up. My hike statistics and records, according to Kavya, are fine. Jaideep says that other OTs were not chosen, and that I should explain my decision to everyone. Ms. Sinha invites Kavya to join her. Kavya claims that you are the director, not the dictator, and that you must respond because it is your obligation. He claims you might get suspended for this. She insists that you respond. He’s watching the news. Kavya sobs as she sees the press condemning her.

Malini claims that they are blaming this girl’s mental health and that her career would be cut short. According to Giriraj, tea should boil quickly. She inquires as to what you discussed with Jaideep. He claims to be a good man and has sent you tea. She inquires as to why you are after that particular female. He brings her tea. She inquires as to what your issue is with that female. He claims she broke off her engagement to Jaideep’s kid, so take some tea. She inquires as to what you desire. He advises her to stay away from that village. She inquires as to why. He says Omi was tense, so I asked him to speak with you; he has purchased the hospital land, and if there is a problem, it will be a huge loss. You don’t want that girl to go there and build that hospital, she says. He mocks her. Jaideep claims that every officer at this academy is responsible; who would be held accountable if you jump from any building in Basant Khedi? He responds to her. He requests that she wait for the next round. He says your first round is over. She sobs. He walks away.

She runs somewhere and sobs as she recalls everything. Adhiraj arrives and inquires as to what transpired. She invites him to accompany her. She claims that this happened because you purchased the media to preserve yourself. He claims that his father does everything for himself and not for me. She protests. He claims you’ve gone insane, that Basant Khedi is only a village. She sobs. He clutches her close and tells her, “Don’t do this, you’ll get more chances.” She tells him, “It’s not a joke for me, you’ve put everything on my mental state to save yourself, you have all the qualities of a politician, leave.” He claims you are misunderstood. Sanjeev becomes enraged as he watches.

Kavya asks, “What shall I understand?” You have a history of fabricating stories, I have revealed my feelings, why is Jaideep furious with me, he wants one chance to get me out of the academy, you leaked the video and provided him that chance, he will prove that I am unsuitable to stay here because of you. He requests that you think calmly. She yells, “Just go away!” He walks away.

Precap: Jaideep and Giriraj speak to the press. Jaideep criticizes Kavya. Kavya walks away. Anjali and Rajeev arrive and embrace Kavya.