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The episode begins with Kavya talking to some folks on the road. The man chuckles. She thinks I’m insane. She takes a seat to drink tea. She says you can label me with more labels. The boyfriend claims she is insane. She protests. He tells you to calm down because I asked you a question and you shattered. She wonders, “Can’t I shatter?” You’ve chosen the perfect word, insane; you’re more shattered than I am. She chastises the man. She says, “You know, Kaki, I fell down a mountain, and I’m undergoing a mental evaluation, and I had a thought to say something that I’d suppressed in my heart.” Adhiraj walks over to visit her. He exclaims, “Wow, she’s just rehearsing the play.” He takes her and adds, “You say a lot of things at times, and the committee members will see your true madness.” He laughs.

Kavya arrives in the morning to meet with the committee members. Keshav, the man who interviews her. She claims that it was my desire, not stress, that drove me to become an IAS officer. He asks how do you feel now, any other trauma. She declines. He claims you have no recollection of your engagement ending. Ms. Sinha chastises the OTs. Karan promises to find out who did it. He invites Sanjeev to join him. Adhiraj says we’ll go see how Kavya is doing. Kavya claims my engagement has ended, although it has nothing to do with the incident from yesterday. Just remember and tell me why this happened, says Keshav. Adhiraj’s words come to mind. She says you have my file, I had a traumatic experience when my elder sister Navya committed suicide, I saw the video yesterday, Navya’s face was blackened and she was labeled a murderer, everyone’s life has sadness, I’m emotional, but it’s not my weakness, it’s my power, it’s my desire. Keshav responds, “Fine, go.” Kavya thanks them and walks away.

Jaideep is available. He says Adhiraj is well, that the academy is in charge of the OTs, that he is not blaming anyone, and that he is aware of his responsibilities. Anusha requests that everything be fine. Kavya nods and states, “I’d like to be approved for the Basant Khedi project.” Adhiraj claims you’ll get a lot of projects if you come to the class. Kavya says she’ll go to that village, meet Jaideep, and come back. Gauri dials Jaideep’s number. She inquires as to what transpired. I’m disturbed by the accident news, he says. She claims it’s due of Kavya, so get rid of her. He asks if I should give the public another chance to point a finger at me. Kavya approaches him. He hangs up the phone. She claims that a psychic evaluation has been completed. He chastises her and replies, “I know it well.” He receives a phone call. He yells, “No more interviews!” An official statement has been issued, so please refer to that. If she asks if I want to speak to the press, I will explain it was my fault, not yours. He replies no need, I’ll remove the individual who released the video, and you’re free to leave.

Everyone is talking about the video. Payal insists that if Kavya is fired, I must remain with Anusha. Anusha and Payal disagree. Sanjeev summons someone. He claims I sent the video to only you, and you took it global. Adhiraj is taken aback when he hears him. Sanjeev is concerned. Jaideep inquires of Keshav about the news. Keshav claims she is in good health, both physically and mentally, and that she should participate in the Basant Khedi initiative. Ms. Sinha claims that no OT would be brought to Basant Khedi unless we figure out who released the video. Adhiraj claims that because he leaked the footage, everyone should share the penalties. Jaideep inquires, “What, you did this?” Adhiraj affirms. Jaideep chastises him. Giriraj arrives to protect Adhiraj. Kavya wonders why Adi did this.

Sanjeev gives Adhiraj a hug. Kavya is suspicious of him. Giriraj claims that we will demonstrate that Adhiraj saved Kavya’s life. Kavya can’t find her name on the list. She chastises Adhiraj.