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The episode begins with Kavya calling Mayank and wondering why he is talking about Jaideep. She says, “Think and talk; it was my fault.” Jaideep reflects on Gauri’s remarks. He says I need a psychiatric evaluation of Kavya before starting the assignment. Ms. Sinha claims to be OK. He claims she has put her life and the lives of her colleagues at risk, and it is my right and obligation to know this. Okay, she says. She claims that whoever released the footage will not be spared. Adhiraj notices Kavya’s distress and encourages her to smile. She claims I was planning on marrying Jaideep’s son. Adhiraj inquires. He becomes aware of it and recalls her remarks. He jokes that she attracts drama. She adds it’s not the time to laugh; if I fail, my one year will be squandered, and Sir wants this to happen.

Jaideep’s comments come to mind. Adhiraj inquires as to why you are telling me this. She claims, “I thought you wouldn’t judge me.” He tells her to go to Jaideep and beg him, or else she will become a victim in front of the press and get him fired; you will not do this, you are a good girl, they will ask you such questions. She says what rubbish. He says they’ll get rough on you and attempt to break you, so tell me why you jumped down. She claims I will never consider suicide. He suggests that it could be your weak point. She claims I’m not weak. He begs her not to give up so easy. She recalls their disagreement with Giriraj. Adhiraj agrees, it was a good show. She states, “I handled his ego well,” and that “I’m not afraid of this little evaluation; I can do it.” Giriraj arrives at the academy. Kavya expresses her displeasure with Giriraj. Adhiraj describes himself as a lovely person. No, Kavya, I boycott and insult such ministers. Kavya launches a paper ball. Giriraj appears and snatches it. She is taken aback when she sees him. Rajeev inquires about Mayank’s whereabouts, as well as the cost of his ticket… Anjali insists that we meet with Kavya. Mayank hires a rickshaw. Rajeev and Anjali request that he look after the house. Malini arrives, accompanied by Giriraj. She embraces Adhiraj. Giriraj blesses Adhiraj and grins. Kavya observes.

Adi, do you know him? she asks. Neta ji, Adhiraj asks, you don’t have a vote bank here, so how did you come? He inquires about Malini’s health. Giriraj says I had no choice but to come, son. Kavya is taken aback. Giriraj responds, “I came to see you because you are in pain.” He notices Kavya and mocks her. He tosses the paper ball into the trash can. I remember your name, he says. Adhiraj mocks Giriraj’s fatherly affection. Malini inquires about the testing with Adhiraj. Adhiraj says, “I’m alive; tell Neta ji that he won’t get sympathy.” I’ll wait outside, according to Kavya. Malini wonders why she should stay here and recuperate. Adhiraj confronts Giriraj. He is distressed. Malini yells for the nurse. Giriraj claims that he is OK and that he will know what it means to be a hero when he performs anything in front of the people. Kavya appreciates you for instilling wonderful principles in your son; he isn’t afraid to help anyone and has saved me numerous times. Giriraj advises Adi not to become habitual since it will harm his image of women empowerment. Adi does not have a habit of maintaining relationships. Adhiraj says I got my father’s DNA, but I learned a few things from my mother’s upbringing. Giriraj departs.

Malini inquires as to why you dispute with him. Adhirah thinks it’s fine because he’s my father. Malini embraces him and walks over to Giriraj. He claims you insulted him. She says you two don’t get along, I’ll stay here while you go, I’m not alone, and you may stay if you want. He declines. The man claims the press wants to speak with you. Giriraj informs them that his son is OK and that he has saved a girl, who is also fine. Giriraj is pleased, according to Malini, and his son and that girl are great. The man leaves. Giriraj claims that he cannot leave you alone and that he cannot work without you. I know, she says. Kavya wonders why you didn’t reveal your father’s name is Giriraj Pradhan. Adhiraj claims that you didn’t even inform me about your father. She claims you were hearing something about your father. He laughs and replies, “Yes, I enjoyed hearing all of that, I saved you, did you forget?” She expresses gratitude. He greets you. Jaideep arrives and observes them. He inquires about the condition of your hand. Adhiraj is correct. Kavya refers to her uncle… Sir, says Jaideep. She claims I did not make the video. He says your psychologic evaluation is tomorrow, your one year will be wasted if you aren’t OK, why are you surprised, one should be fit, both physically and mentally, and the government has the right to assess the country’s future.

Precap: Kavya is concerned. She goes for the psychological evaluation. Jaideep receives the doctor’s report. According to Kavya, I wish to get approved for the project. Ms. Sinha compiles the list.