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The episode begins with Kavya inviting Payal to join the squad or else she will be left behind. She flees to the bush. She balances herself by catching a tree. She remembers Navya and sobs. She trips and falls. She screams as she hangs from a tree. Adhiraj summons her. She yells for assistance… He notices her and rushes to her aid. He requests that she hold on. He approaches her and asks for her hand. He tells me, “You don’t look good, breathe, give me your hand, and look at me.” She takes his hand in hers. He attempts to drag her away. He, too, falls and is injured. She says, “Please go; you’ll gall down because of me.” Give me your hand, he says. No, she says, please leave. He simply begs her to come. Karan and his entourage arrive. They grab the ropes and assist Adhiraj and Kavya in ascending.

Adhiraj lifts Kavya. She collapses over him and inquires, “Are you okay?” He inquires as to what happened, if there was something that threw you off balance. She claims that my leg slid and that nothing else will happen. He predicted your demise. She says, “I’m fine, forget about it.” He inquires as to why you enjoy playing with risk. She expresses gratitude for saving her life. An ambulance arrives. Kavya inquires of Adhiraj, “Are you all right?” He inquires as to what you consume and advises that you begin dieting the next day. They board an ambulance. Jaideep recommends a thorough examination as well as a trauma test. Her arm could fracture, according to the doctor. Kavya declines, stating that she must attend class. Jaideep informs me that I require their reports. Kavya inquires of Adhiraj whether anything was broken. Adhiraj takes action. He requests that the nurse save Kavya since she will save the country. Kavya says I was going to apologize. He says, “Don’t worry, I won’t die, what was going on today, I’ve been noticing since day one, why does director get personal, do you know him.” Jaideep approaches and inquires as to how you are now feeling. Adhiraj responds, “Fine.” Kavya gives a nod. Adhiraj is asked to take an x-ray by the doctor. Adhiraj leaves. Jaideep asks Kavya if she is okay, if she is harmed, and if she should get up. Kavya responds no, but thanks for looking after me. He says, “You are my responsibility,” by which he means “every student is my responsibility,” so don’t stress about class and get plenty of rest.

Kavya assures me that I will be OK. He says you’re stubborn because you want to go to Basant Khedi. No, she adds, it’s my passion. I know, he says. He bestows blessings to her. She beams. Please take care and relax completely, he urges. He leaves. According to Payal, our team arrived at the camp first. Anusha claims it was a major mishap. Payal claims that we are all fine. Anusha thinks you’re wonderful. Payal claims that I am not from a wealthy family. Kavya’s grades will be reduced, according to Karan. When Adhiraj hears them, he says, “I’m a wounded warrior, please clap for me.” They both smile. They obtain a news video clip.

Anjali hears the news and requests that Rajeev visit Kavya. Anusha reveals who broke the news. Karan wonders who created this video. Kavya receives a phone call from her parents. She assures me that I am alright. I can’t lose you, says Anjali, because I’ve already lost one daughter.

Kavya claims she’s OK and will call back. Rajeev tells Anjali to relax. Anjali says, “I remember that horrible sight.” They remember Navya’s death. Rajeev thinks we should go see Kavya. He requests that Mayank obtain the tickets. Mayank inquires as to why Kavya collapsed; Jaideep is doing so. Media representatives arrive for an interview. Shubh and Gauri are aware of the news. Gauri claims that it was Kavya’s fault, and that the investigation will now focus on Jaideep. Shubh assures him that nothing would happen to his father and that he should relax. Jaideep receives a phone call from his boss. Ms. Sinha displays the news. Jaideep is concerned. He inquires as to who shot and leaked the video. He notices Kavya and everyone else. He receives a call from Gauri. Gauri inquires, “Did Kavya make this video, and what do you think?” Relax, Gauri, says Jaideep. She claims that this girl is planning to set fire to our house. He claims I told him to relax and that I would manage everything. Mayank suggests that you speak with Jaideep Thakur about this because he is to blame for the disaster. Kavya notices Jaideep.

Precap: Jaideep claims that because Kavya has put her life and the lives of others at risk, she is not mentally competent. Kavya goes for the psychological evaluation. Jaideep receives the report.