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The episode begins with Jaideep saying, “Your father spoke to me; he said he wants to see you win a gold medal in this course; focus on the course for his sake.” He orders all of the OTs to board the bus. Kavya enters her room. She receives the journey memo and believes it has fallen here. Adhiraj contacts Malini and pleads, “Please keep your husband away from me; I’m not going to Basant Khedi.” He thinks for you, she says. She explains who he is. He remembers Kavya’s comments. He claims she also claims the same. We can’t wait for anyone, according to Jaideep. Kavya, according to Sanjeev, is on her way. Kavya dashes out the door to catch the bus. Adhiraj notices her and goes to give her a hand. Kavya boards the bus. Dil ye ziddi hai….plays… He claims that you are always able to reach everywhere. She claims I never learned to stay behind.

They arrive at the trekking location and view the mountain. Kavya asks, “How will I do this?” Ms Sinha says you have to finish this on time, and the person who proves to be a good team player will win; Tiger Point is the destination. Kavya receives the captain’s arm band. She claims that I am the captain. Adhiraj believes that our captain should be like Kavya. Kavya inquires about the possibility of changing my team members. Adhiraj claims that I am chanting your praises. Ms. Sinha wishes you all the best. Kavya requests that Adhiraj keep track of the time. She requests that Payal take the compass. Anusha, you are already a winner, according to Karan. They depart. A man approaches Giriraj and says, “Your plan worked, and Adi has sworn that he will not allow the Basant Khedi project to proceed.” Giriraj claims to know him, that he is a genie, that I must rub the lamp to get him out, that the mantra is to place obstacles in his road, and that we will obtain the Basant Khedi hospital land. Papa, Adi will sink that project, says the guy. Giriraj laughs and declares, “I want that.” Adhiraj and Kavya become exhausted. According to Adhiraj, women should be prioritized over men. Sanjeev is correct. Kavya summons Adhiraj. Team red wins by being the first to arrive at the base camp. Ms. Sinha congratulates Kavya. Jaideep arrives. Ms. Sinha compliments Kavya. According to Jaideep, this was the first base, and it was simple. Adhiraj inquires as to why this director is furious with you. Karan is accompanied by his squad. According to Ms. Sinha, two OTs are absent. Everyone takes a seat. Jaideep replies, “I read your Basant Khedi presentations; you can present them here, and then we’ll decide who has to go and who doesn’t; we’ll start with Anusha.” Anusha delivers a speech. Kavya becomes tense. Anusha describes the doctors who were defamed as a result of a medical scam. Jaideep notices Kavya. Karan resumes his presentation. Everyone is talking about Navya. Kavya, you appear ill, we will hear your presentation, come, says Jaideep. Kavya believes the wounds will heal when the closed hospital reopens. Jaideep inquires about the doctors’ names. According to Kavya, the suspended doctors were interns, and the senior doctors had already departed. He requests that she state the name of the doctors. Kavya explains the names. Adhiraj observes.

Jaideep thanks Kavya and motions for her to take a seat. Karan inquires if she is related to you. Adhiraj makes a joke about Karan. Jaideep summons Adhiraj. Adhiraj states, “Everyone has already told me a lot about Basant Khedi.” Payal arrives to deliver the presentation. She continues, “I have some news for you: they thought they’d be saved after killing the kids, but look what the villagers did to them.” Kavya is taken aback when she sees Navya in the video. Navya begs and screams. She continues, “Trust us, we did not murder your children.” Navya’s face is darkened by the crowd. Kavya sobs. Ms. Sinha suggests that you prepare for the next pass on this hike. Jaideep says you can go back because you don’t appear to be in good health. Kavya says no, it’s cheating with my father, myself, my aspirations and goals, my Guru will be ashamed, it’s important for me to travel to Basant Khedi, it’s important to achieve justice for those physicians, if I get terrified, it’ll be an incomplete chapter in my life. He takes a look at her.
Precap: Jaideep exploits Kavya’s flaw. Kavya sobs as she recalls Navya’s incident. She screams as she slides down the cliff.