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When Ehsan stopped Maya on the way to Dargha with Viaan and Katha, she recognized it and agreed to halt, but it was just words. Maya sought to undermine Viaan’s relationship despite knowing how much he loved Katha.

Katha needs to see the parents, so she asks Aarav to speak for her. Aarav’s friends wonder why the wedding was canceled; Aarav doesn’t know, and Katha won’t tell. Another friend stepped in and criticized Katha, saying that just as we hide our faults from our parents, our parents must do the same. The boy accused Katha of ending the relationship. Aarav warned the child before attacking him. Aarav begged Katha to reveal the truth about why they couldn’t live with Viaan. Katha is unable to tell him the truth that she is attempting to conceal from everyone. Katha embraces him. Aarav complains about her lying, to which Katha responds that elders have complicated problems, that no one was wrong in this scenario, and that she blames the situation. Katha begs him not to react in this manner; Aarav can’t hear a single word against his mother; he will fight everyone; who else would look after her?

Viaan has no idea what Ehsan thinks of him. Ehsan was surprised when he found out, but he gradually realized what had changed him. His past had driven him to the darkest place, and that mistake and guilt were required for him to change. Katha saw the difference. Ehsan will submit the discharge papers before bringing Katha home. Viaan wants Ehsan to do something else.
Maya requests permission from Teeji to see Viaan one last time.

Parents were concerned about their youngster. When Katha arrived to meet them, her parents were harsh with her. The father complains about Aarav’s brutality, claiming that he shattered their child. The mother attributes Aarav’s new behavior to Katha’s broken marriage. Katha apologizes; the father has asked Katha to keep Aarav away from his kid. Katha departs. She enters Viaan’s room after failing to locate him on the bed. Viaan was in the bathroom, Katha disguised herself, and Viaan detected the presence of another person in the room. The nurse diverted his attention and asked for his signature, while Katha left. Teeji pays a visit to Viaan and expresses his desire to meet Katha. Viaan comes to a halt after seeing Maya, and Teeji informs her that she is going. Viaan inquired as to what kind of affection Maya had for him. Maya was his anchor; he appreciates her support and assistance for Teeji and him, but she sacrificed his life in exchange. Maya blamed everything on Teeji, who contacted Maya to postpone the wedding because she was worried about Viaan running his life. Teeji was clearly disturbed, as evidenced by her forced grins, but Maya was exceptional; she loved to exert control over others. Maya doesn’t listen to anyone anymore, but that’s because Teeji is now with Viaan, and they don’t have time for Maya’s plotting and scheming. Viaan doesn’t have time for her because his son is expecting him, and he and Teeji will return Aarav and Katha. Maya is adamantly opposed. Viaan is willing to die for his son and wife. Viaan claims that he no longer has an aunt and that he only has one mother. Viaan walks away, bringing Teeji with him. Maya sobbed, knowing that his words would have no effect. She embraces her role as a villain but remains a character in the plot.

When Katha exits the hospital, she notices Viaan walking toward the car with Teeji, so she hides behind the car. Viaan was calling her, and Katha’s telephone was ringing. Teeji directs Viaan to the Garewal home. They depart. Maya is overheard requesting Reet to tell Garewals about Viaan and Katha’s hidden truth, which Katha overhears. Reet can’t drag this story any further, Yuvraj is in jail, and Viaan nearly died. Reet refuses to meet with Mr. Garewal. Maya threatens to tell everyone that Reet was responsible for everything that occurred during the wedding.

Ehsan is driving Viaan, when Teeji recommends taking Katha to the temple and marrying them. Teeji and Viaan both laugh. Teeji encourages Viaan to reconcile with Katha and start over. A beggar approaches, asking for alms. Viaan requests that he pray. The beggar prays for everything Viaan desires.

Katha attempts to phone, but no one answers.

Mr. Garewal was concerned about Yuvraj because he was not in jail. Yuvraj walks into the residence with his lawyer. The lawyer informs the client that Viaan has withdrawn the complaint. The lawyer walked away. Mr. Garewal questions Yuvraj, and despite everything, Viaan continues to assist him. Yuvraj refuses to believe that this is Viaan’s technique of concealing his true identity.

Katha wants to tell Mr. Garewal everything before Reet does.

Mr. Garewal is looking for the truth. Kavita requests that Mr. Garewal take a break. Yuvraj does not believe Viaan is innocent, and Mr Garewal would open fire on him if he knew the truth.

Viaan enters the mansion alone, and Katha follows. They both come to a halt after glancing at each other.

PRECAP: Viaan begs Katha to stay, claiming that only death can separate them. Reet shows Mr. Garewal the footage and informs him that Viaan cheated her. Mr. Garewal lashes out at Viaan for wrongdoing to his daughter. Robin faints after Aarav yells at him for harming his mother.