Katha Ankhahee 8th September 2023 Episode 200

Episode 200

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Aarav discovers Teeji unconscious in a room and tries to wake her up. Katha had taught him some acupressure techniques, and he uses them on Teeji. Aarav sends Kiara to fetch Katha for help. Everyone gathers around Teeji, and Katha suggests letting her lie down. Aarav informs Viaan that Teeji is fine now. Katha praises Aarav for performing acupressure and taking responsibility for his grandmother’s well-being.

Maya recalls Ree’s information about how Katha managed to arrange money for Aarav’s treatment. They go to a room, and Reet tells Maya that Aarav had bone marrow cancer, and Katha’s life savings wouldn’t have been enough to raise 1 crore. Katha had sought Mr. Garewal’s help, but he had refused. Reet urges Maya to figure out how Katha managed to raise 1 crore in a single night. Maya wonders why Reet didn’t investigate it herself, but Reet admits that it’s beyond her capabilities. She believes that this information could be the key to breaking Katha and Viaan apart.

The next day, Katha gives Teeji her medicine, and Maya shows them the wedding invitations with gift hampers. Viaan appreciates Maya’s style and says he got it from her. Viaan mentions that he needs to go to the office as he has a lot of pending work. Aarav calls Viaan to inquire about Teeji’s well-being, and Teeji speaks to Aarav directly. Maya asks Viaan about their wedding clothes and suggests he take Aarav shopping. Viaan leaves, and Teeji eagerly awaits the new information Maya has acquired to break Katha and Viaan apart.

Maya mentions that no one knows how Katha arranged 1 crore for Aarav’s treatment, and Teeji recalls that Katha had refused to be the face of their NGO as well. Teeji wonders how they will uncover the truth, and Maya believes that Ehsan might hold the key to the answer.

Maya and Teeji meet with Ehsan and ask him about Katha and Viaan’s love story. Ehsan shares that Katha impressed them with her presentation, even though she was late. Viaan was initially upset when Katha gave work to someone on his blacklist, but he later apologized and made her a permanent employee. Ehsan recalls how Katha refused a bribe from Anirudh and how she resigned but returned to the company after Ehsan intervened. Maya asks if Aarav had cancer when Katha joined EarthCon, but Ehsan stops her from sharing that detail, as it would hurt Viaan. Maya suggests portraying Katha as a single mother fighting for her son, but Ehsan doesn’t know how Katha arranged the money. They agree to work on the script together, and Ehsan promises to keep quiet about it. Maya is determined to find out how Katha managed to raise 1 crore.

Katha visits Viaan at the office to show him some designs, and Viaan playfully grabs her waist. They engage in some light banter and hug each other. Maya interrupts them to invite everyone to the wedding, including Katha. Viaan thought the gift hampers were only for close friends, but Maya considers her work colleagues as family who have been there through ups and downs. She plans to take Katha with her, emphasizing that they aren’t married yet.

In the next episode, Maya questions Katha about why she wanted to resign and whether she sought help from Viaan for Aarav’s treatment. Maya also asks Teeji to wait and see if Viaan withdrew 1 crore from the account. Ehsan calls Viaan to inquire if he gave Katha 1 crore or not.

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