Katha Ankhahee 7th September 2023 Episode 199

Episode 199

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Viaan becomes concerned as Ehsan and Vanya start arguing and cat-calling each other over a dress. Their argument escalates, and Viaan intervenes, refusing to wear what they have chosen. Liza enters the room and urges everyone to get ready for an event. Ehsan hugs Liza, but Viaan and Vanya leave the room, skeptical of Ehsan’s emotional display.

Viaan makes a grand entrance at the Garewal Mansion. Mr. Garewal encourages them to dance more enthusiastically, and Kavita greets Teeji and others. Katha arrives from the other side, and Viaan admires her appearance, going over to read her a poem.

The ceremony begins, and Kavita asks Teeji to pass the mehndi, but Teeji hesitates. Maya and Reet both leave the room.

Maya stops Reet in the corridor and inquires about Katha. Yuvraj intervenes and requests Reet to stay positive, emphasizing that Katha is actually her well-wisher. Yuvraj seems to be keeping a close eye on Reet. He leaves, advising her to enjoy the wedding.

The ladies gather around Katha as henna is applied to her hands.

Mr. Garewal and Kavita present gifts to Viaan, and Maya brings gifts for Katha, including her jewelry and wedding outfit. Viaan sneaks a peek at Katha’s mehndi, and Falguni hides the design, refusing to let him see it without payment. Viaan tells her to take the money from Katha, as everything he has belongs to her, including his heart. Katha asks for her name, and Ehsan jokes that Viaan has already printed her name on his heart. Ehsan takes Viaan away.

Kavita tries to reassure Teeji and tells her that everything is clear now. She encourages Teeji to accept Katha as part of the family, emphasizing that Viaan loves and cares for her. Teeji is hesitant and refers to Katha as a stranger, but Mr. Garewal implores her to accept Katha and move on. Maya supports Mr. Garewal’s perspective and suggests that Teeji’s emotions are clouding her judgment. Maya asks Teeji to present Katha with the gifts, and Teeji gives her the family’s gold chains—one for Viaan, one for Katha, and a smaller one for their child. Viaan intervenes, taking the chains and placing one on Aarav. He declares that Aarav is his son, which shocks Teeji. Viaan insists that Aarav is now a part of their family, and he shows their name tattoos on his arm and heart. Aarav wants to see, but Katha stops him and asks if the tattoos are permanent, calling Viaan crazy for doing it. Viaan playfully suggests that Aarav should also get their names tattooed. Katha objects, and Maya advises Teeji not to confront Viaan at this moment. Katha requests Teeji to give them a chance, explaining that their family is incomplete without her guidance and blessings. Teeji leaves the room, and Viaan asks Katha to give her some time to come around.

The dance performance begins, and Farah watches as Vanya and Ehsan dance together. Everyone joins them on the dance floor.

Maya rushes after Teeji, who is crying. Teeji remembers Mr. Garewal’s words about her behavior pushing Viaan away. She requests some time alone. Meanwhile, everyone continues to enjoy the dance, while Teeji cries in a corner and starts feeling dizzy. Eventually, she collapses.

In the next episode, Aarav finds Teeji unconscious, and everyone rushes to help her. Maya asks Reet to figure out how Katha arranged 1 crore for Aarav’s operation.

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