Katha Ankhahee 6th September 2023 Episode 198

Episode 198

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Viaan affectionately calls Aarav his only son, but Katha doesn’t seem convinced. Viaan questions when Katha started conforming to societal norms and accepting the importance of blood relations. He believes that spouses share the purest relationship and reassures Katha that she is dearest to the Garewal family, as Yuvraj himself has acknowledged. Viaan playfully adds that he is getting married late, so he deserves a ready-made child who won’t require him to wake up at night. He encourages Katha not to worry about what others say and reminds her that he is there for her. Katha touches his face gently, and Viaan tells her that he’s going out to check on others but leaves everything with her. He also reminds her to be ready for the next day.

Maya discusses with Teeji how their comments about a second child might have garnered sympathy for Katha instead. Reet joins them and inquires if they want to get rid of Katha. Maya denies this, thinking she was the only one who disliked Katha. Reet expresses her resentment, explaining that she had an ideal life until Katha entered the family. She describes Katha as a poisonous influence who infiltrates everything. Reet advises Maya to uncover Katha’s secrets, and Maya wonders what secrets Katha might have since she appears to be perfect. Reet reveals that Katha arranged 1 crore for Aarav’s operation, and nobody knows how she did it. Viaan arrives, and Reet thanks Maya for supporting Katha, emphasizing the importance of family as a support system. Viaan leaves, and everyone else follows.

Ehsan talks to Vanya, asking her not to take Teeji’s words seriously. Vanya wonders what she did wrong, and Ehsan advises her not to blame him for the mistake. Vanya hasn’t seen anyone hate her like Teeji does. Viaan has given her a place in the family, and she believes Teeji should show patience and maturity to give her a chance. Ehsan comforts Vanya, who cries, feeling unimportant. Ehsan assures her that she is important to everyone, and her time to shine will come. Vanya hugs Ehsan, who hesitates before hugging her back and eventually leaves the room.

Farah gives Teeji some painkillers and suggests throwing away all the gifts. Maya asks about Reet and what she was hinting at, speculating that Katha might have arranged the money through illegitimate means. Teeji and Farah dismiss Reet as an idiot who failed to do anything for Katha and is now seeking others to do her dirty work. Farah points out that if things continue this way, they might end up stopping the mehndi event.

The next day, wedding preparations are in full swing, with the children dancing. The mehndi artist offers to apply mehndi on Reet, but she declines. Kavita insists on getting her own hand decorated since she is the bride’s mother. Kavita dances with the kids and hands out money to the workers to spread joy.

Maya questions Teeji for not being dressed yet, as they need to attend the function. Teeji panics, feeling helpless, and asks if Maya has thought of a solution. Maya advises Teeji to stick to the plan for now and not show any signs of weakness, as they can’t back down. Teeji reluctantly agrees, and Maya instructs her to go get dressed.

Katha gets ready, and Yuvraj compliments her appearance. Yuvraj feels like they’ve been siblings forever, and Katha agrees, noting that she became his sister first. Despite not becoming a sister-in-law, she believes she has become a better sister. Yuvraj considers himself weak but now feels strong because he has the strongest sister. Yuvraj expresses happiness that Katha chose Viaan, who takes care of her and keeps her happy. He hopes for their eternal happiness and reassures her that he is tension-free regarding Viaan’s feelings for her. He encourages Katha to embrace this new chapter of her life with Viaan. Viaan is also ready for the event.

Vanya brings Viaan a stole, and Ehsan presents him with a jacket. They bicker playfully over what Viaan should wear, with Vanya likening him to Shah Rukh Khan and Ehsan to Salman Khan. Their friendly argument continues.

In the next episode, the function begins, and Viaan wants to see his name on Katha’s mehndi design. Ehsan humorously tells him that Katha’s name is imprinted on his heart. Reet asks Maya to figure out how Katha arranged the money, believing it could help drive a wedge between Viaan and Katha.

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