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Mr. Garewal is asked not to interrogate Katha about why she ended things with Viaan. Aarav listens to them while Kavita holds Mr. Garewal. Katha wishes for everyone to accept the fact that she and Viaan are no longer together.

Teeji asks Viaan what occurred in the hospital. Viaan explains that he made a mistake a long ago, but she didn’t let him break down over it; she saved him, redeemed him, and is now gone. Teeji apologizes; she has never spoken up for Viaan, neither before nor now, because she can’t stand Viaan’s happiness. Teeji has been blinded before, but she can see that Katha has always saved her son. She desires to make apologies. Viaan regards Katha and Aarav as her ideal family. Teeji wonders what to do next. When Ehsan appears, Viaan orders him to fetch the discharge letter. Katha will be returned by Viaan.

Katha returns to her old flat, where she reorganizes things while remembering her time with Viaan. She sobs as she looks at a photo of them together. Viaan is missing his Robin. Katha rearranges her living space. Falguni came in, perplexed as to why the door had been opened. She hugs both Katha and Aarav and suggests they eat lunch first.

The doctor refuses to release Viaan and orders that he be kept under surveillance for another night.

Teeji returns home and inquires about Viaan. Teeji prevents her from inquiring about Viaan; she must have done something heinous to cause Katha to break her relationship with Viaan. Maya inquires, and Teeji wishes to remove Katha from Viaan’s life. Teeji agrees; she was insane and didn’t comprehend there was no Viaan without Katha. Teeji accuses Maya of abandoning her kid. Maya yells at her, and Teeji yells back that she should have fought for her son instead of listening to Maya. Teeji mocks Maya for conniving even when Viaan was dying. Teeji will repair all Maya has broken and welcome Katha and Aarav into this house since it is theirs. Maya refers to it as Raghuvanshi’s last name. Teeji’s future is in the hands of her son, who will book a ticket to Paris for Maya and asks her to go once and for all.

When Ehsan asks Viaan if he wants to talk to Aarav in the hospital, Viaan should dial the number instead of overthinking. Aarav’s phone number is dialed by Viaan. Aarav was studying in the lounge when Katha nodded him not to attend. Aarav silences the phone. Katha calms down and stops crying.

Katha receives a phone call the next morning, which causes her to fear. She gets ready and answers another call, this time from Viaan. He apologizes and says it’s his other number. Viaan has learned about what occurred at the school and wishes to attend. Katha wants him to rest, and she will take care of everything.

The Principal complains to Katha about Aarav misbehaving with youngsters at school; he violently injured a student who is currently in the hospital. Aarav has never acted in this manner before, and the principal is wondering if he is having problems at home. Katha is staring at the door. When the principal asks her, Katha will apologize to the children’s parents herself. Katha is staring at the door. Viaan has also been told by the principal. Katha departs. Viaan approaches the principal’s office, who, upon seeing Viaan in bandage, understands why Katha was tense. The principal opposes Aarav’s actions today. Sorry, Viaan, Katha will manage everything, and he will assist as well. Ehsan phones Viaan and inquires about his whereabouts; the entire hospital is concerned about him. Ehsan asks him to return and sing the discharge form he completed for Viaan. Viaan has returned to the hospital.

Katha interrogates Aarav, who complains about her not calling him money since he knows she will chastise him now. Katha must inquire as to why he broke someone’s arm. Aarav had no intention of doing so. Katha inquires as to why he was suspended. Katha realizes she was yelling, calms herself, and then begins refreshing with Aarav. Katha is aware that he is uptight at the moment, but violence is not an option. She taught him to calm himself by counting to ten. That was done by Aarav. Katha is curious as to what enraged him enough to harm his friend. Aarav refuses to reveal anything. Katha loves Aarav unconditionally, and that injured child’s son deserves an equally loving mother. Katha wants Aarav to speak so she may speak with her mother as well.
Ehsan informs Viaan that Maya was behind everything, and she had been gathering information on Katha and Viaan since the beginning.

PRECAP: Ehsan no longer considers Maya to be his mother. Viaan enters the Garewal home and informs Katha that only death can separate them. Reet shows Mr. Garewal the video film demonstrating Viaan’s use of Katha.