Katha Ankhahee 5th September 2023 Episode 197

Episode 197

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Katha talks to Kavita about an important matter. She tells Kavita that she can’t have another child. Teeji gasps in shock upon hearing this. Katha wants to explain, but Maya intervenes. Maya decides not to let children become a source of suffering and confronts Katha. She expresses her disappointment, saying that she supported Katha at every step because she thought Katha was a strong, independent, intelligent, and determined woman who chose to raise a child on her own. But she never imagined Katha could be selfish enough to deprive a family of the happiness of having another child. Teeji calls it a crime, and Mr. Garewal asks Katha to speak up, assuring her of their support.

Viaan enters the house, unable to stay away from the discussion. He stops Teeji, who refuses to accept Katha’s decision to not have another child. Maya demands to know the reason behind Katha’s decision, urging her to explain. Katha reveals that she can’t get pregnant anymore due to complications during Aarav’s delivery and a subsequent surgery. Everyone is shocked by this revelation. Katha expresses her pain and truth, then leaves the room in tears.

In her room, Katha breaks down and cries.

Teeji is upset about her son not becoming a father and worries about the family’s bloodline and generational wealth. She wonders who will carry on the family name and inherit their wealth. She believes their bloodline will end with Viaan. Viaan intervenes and questions Teeji about the importance of blood in defining a family. He argues that relationships are man-made and that love is what truly matters. Viaan explains that anyone capable can run the family business, and Aarav will inherit his name and legacy. He asks Teeji to understand that they have pressured Katha enough to reopen her wounds and that she has never lived a privileged life. He forbids everyone from discussing the topic of a second child ever again.

Viaan goes to Katha’s room and asks for permission to enter.

Teeji blames Katha for everything and believes that she has ruined Viaan. Maya stops Teeji and apologizes to everyone on her behalf. Teeji is hurt because she had big plans for Katha and Viaan’s future. Maya and Teeji never intended to pressure Katha and were unaware of her past. Mr. Garewal agrees with Viaan that blood isn’t the only important factor, especially when it comes to Aarav, who will make Viaan proud. Teeji argues that wealth can only be inherited through blood. Viaan disagrees, stating that capable individuals can run the business, and Aarav will inherit his legacy. He asks everyone to understand that they have hurt Katha and forced her to relive her trauma. Mr. Garewal supports Viaan’s perspective and declares that Aarav will inherit Aditya’s share in the family property. Maya requests Teeji to stay quiet, and Mr. Garewal reassures them that Aarav’s share won’t be less than EarthCon.

Katha apologizes and admits that she should have remembered this earlier. Viaan reassures her that he would have stayed with her just as he does now, because he fell in love with everything about her, including her past, present, pain, and happiness. He emphasizes that she belongs to him, and everything else does too.

Yuvraj suggests moving on, and Teeji wonders how to do so. Vanya steps forward, pointing out that the most hurtful thing in this situation is blaming Katha for something beyond her control. She questions why everyone is pressuring Katha when Viaan has no issue with it. Teeji believes that Viaan wants to act like a god and that Vanya wouldn’t have been invited to the wedding without him. Vanya leaves, and Ehsan follows her. Kavita tries to console Teeji, and they discuss how they could have faced a similar situation if it weren’t for Katha. Maya agrees and emphasizes that Katha’s health should be the top priority. Kavita reassures them that Katha will come to their house during the Mehndi ceremony, showered with love and blessings. Teeji leaves, and Maya and Reet follow.

Maya tries to calm Teeji down and reminds her not to speak so loudly. Teeji expresses her frustration about not being able to fulfill her promises. She can’t bear to see Viaan like this, as she had different dreams for his future. Reet overhears their conversation from behind a pillar.


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