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Aarav has already lost his father; he cannot afford to lose Robin as well. Nobody stopped him from loving Aditya, and no one will stop him from loving Viaan, according to Katha. Katha really needs Aarav’s assistance; he hugs her and asks whether she can survive without him. Katha has no choice; Aarav will have to become man of the house again, and they will reconstruct their previous tiny life. Aarav swears to follow through on everything she says. Aarav sobbed because he missed Viaan. Kavita overheard their discussion.

Teeji sobs for Viaan as the doctor administers anesthetic. Teeji is advised by the doctor not to put Viaan under stress. Teeji sobbed, and Vanya is at a loss for words. She is aware of Teeji’s feelings for Viaan, and she knows that as long as he is present, she will suffer alongside him. Vanya promises Viaan that she is here to help him recuperate. Teeji grabs Vanya’s hand and insists on Vanya sitting near her. Teeji’s tears are wiped away by Vanya.

Ehsan notices Viaan and overhears Maya on the phone. Ehsan challenges Maya about pressuring Katha to end her relationship with Viaan; she isn’t the one who puts her loved ones in danger. Maya forbids him from speaking to her in that tone; she is Ehsan’s mother and knows what is best for her children. Ehsan refuses since his aunt is a horrible lady who knows nothing but plotting against his loved ones. Ehsan will tell Viaan everything, and she will be brought back into the house.

Ehsan dials Katha’s number, but she does not answer. Vanya inquires about Katha’s absence and discovers that she has broken up with Viaan. Ehsan claims that the problem has become complicated, but that he will resolve it. Vanya is concerned because she knows Ehsan is attempting to protect them both because there is something special between them. Ehsan promises to bring them back. Vanya brings up Ehsan’s confession, which he recalls but denies remembering. Ehsan was inebriated and had no recollection of anything.

Katha packs her belongings, and Kavita queries her about keeping them from here; she overheard Katha conversing with Aarav. Katha did not want to keep it hidden. Kavita is curious as to why. Katha is afraid to speak the truth since it will destroy their family. Kavita had always been on Katha’s side, pleading with her to give Viaan another chance. Katha refuses since certain others have forced her to. Kavita has questions, and she intends to fight all of those people. Katha is aware. Kavita asks Katha not to tell Mr. Garewal since he blames himself for everything and is afraid of facing Aditya. Mr. Garewal had a dream about Katha’s wedding, but everything turned out differently; Viaan is in the hospital, and Yuvraj is in jail.

Mr. Garewal approaches Katha and inquires about Viaan. He apologizes for everything. Katha hugs him and inquires about Yuvraj. Mr. Garewal reports that Yuvraj is refusing to speak. Katha requests permission to return home; she needs time to clear her head. Katha is free to do anything she wants, according to Kavita. Mr. Garewal will not stop or compel Katha to do anything. Katha will be driven home by the driver. Mr. Garewal has left.

Viaan wakes up and phones Katha, but her phone number is disconnected. Viaan contacts Mr. Garewal and inquires about Katha and Aarav. Mr. Garewal informs us that Katha was with him and expresses his regret for everything. Mr. Garewal assures him that everything will be OK. Viaan called to plead for his assistance and to notify him that Katha had ended their relationship. Mr. Garewal was perplexed; he wanted to know why Yuvraj attacked Viaan, why Katha was leaving, and what Viaan had done. Viaan admits to making a mistake, but for the time being, he must repair his connection with Katha; he cannot live without her and Aarav. Mr. Garewal comprehends, who knows what love is. Mr. Garewal used to be skeptical about Viaan, but he eventually won his heart. Mr. Garewal is asked to assist Viaan. Viaan made a mistake, which she punished but also protected him from. Mr. Garewal inquires whether Katha is going to her house. Viaan begs Mr. Garewal to help him because Katha is returning to her former life. He wants to rectify things and bring Katha to his home.

Mr. Garewal storms into the house, interrogating Katha about her breakup with Viaan. He asks her to explain why, and he promises to solve everything. Katha is aware that he wishes to make amends. Katha says she can’t let this subject go. She is unable to explain the cause to his father and demands that Mr. Garewal never question it again.

PRECAP: Katha returns to her home. Teeji recognizes Katha as Viaan’s savior. Ehsan assures Viaan that Meera is the mastermind behind all of this mayhem. Katha receives a phone call.