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Katha reassures Aarav that his mother is fine and attempts to calm him down. Aarav couldn’t stomach another person’s story, so Meera showed him the Katha trailer before the actual bomb attack. Meera had to do something to shake Katha’s confidence, and she informs her it’s time to depart. The nurse informs them that Viaan has awakened, and Aarav want to meet him. Katha sends Aarav home, and Kavita picks him up. Katha sets out to meet Viaan.

Katha appears in front of him after he mummers her name. Viaan recalls Yuvraj and informs Katha that he is aware. Katha already knows, so she reassures Viaan that everything is well. When Katha asks whether he is in agony, Viaan replies that he is not. Viaan did not deserve all of this pain, Katha sobs. Viaan kisses her hand, she didn’t deserve all of this, and her eyes can’t lie, so Viaan asks her to confess the truth. Katha sits next to him. Katha had never considered loving again after Aditya, but it occurred; she had told herself that she would never be terrified again after Aarav’s death, but she couldn’t stand Viaan in this state. She no longer has the strength to keep herself together; her world would perish with him. Katha tells Viaan that he will always be in her heart, and that time will confirm it. Viaan confronts her about speaking in the past tense. Viaan motions for her to sit; the past is gone, and the future is now in their control. Katha informs Viaan that they are unable to be together. Viaan does not believe it. Yuvraj knows everything, according to Katha, and something that should have been buried is now out in the open. Viaan will speak with Yuvraj. There is much more, according to Katha. Viaan sobs; now that they’re in love, Viaan will make up for anything terrible. Katha must abandon him in order to care for their son. Katha tells Viaan that they must end their connection for the sake of their families, or else the truth will destroy them. It would break her the most, according to Viaan’s questioning. Katha adores Viaan, but she abandons him. Viaan tries to pursue her, but his physical state prevents him.

Katha sobs as she approaches a corner. While Viaan is in trauma, the doctor and nurse assist him in getting up. Viaan wants to pursue Katha, but the doctor forbids him. When Ehsan notices Katha crying in the corner, he assists her in getting up. Katha urges Ehsan to look after Viaan because there is no one else who can. If Ehsan has any concerns, she will be there to help him. Katha expresses her inability to be present after what has occurred. Ehsan claims to know the truth about how she obtained funds for Aarav’s treatment. Ehsan will never criticize Katha for it; after all the hatred and anguish, Viaan and Katha deserve each other. Ehsan asks Katha not to leave because he will remedy everything, and he is aware that Meera is behind all of this. Katha prevents him from doing or saying anything to anyone. Katha departs.

As Katha enters the house, Aarav hugs her and asks if she brought Viaan with her. Viaan gives her a list he created for himself. Katha keeps mute and inquires if Viaan has returned home, since she want to speak with him. Katha recalls Aarav being traumatized by that fabricated story. Katha answers the phone when Aarav wants to call Viaan. Viaan is fine. Katha claims that Viaan will never return to their lives, and that sometimes elders must make harsh decisions for the sake of others. She realizes that it is difficult for Aarav to accept right now, but he will in time, and this will not change their love for Viaan. Aarav sobs, wondering if Katha and Aarav had a disagreement. Aarav wonders if it was his fault. He is determined to learn the truth. Katha blames the situation for their inability to marry. After accusing himself, Aarav departs to bring Viaan back. Katha pulls him aside and asks him to trust her. Aarav has the most faith in Katha, although he is furious with her. He confronts her about it. Katha is unable to explain why because he is a child. Aarav wonders if Viaan is not only his father but also his best friend, Robin. Katha urges Aarav to trust her again.

PRECAP: Kavita confronts Katha over not informing her of the breakup. Viaan contacts Mr. Garewal to inform him that Katha has discontinued their relationship. Mr. Garewal interrogates Katha. Teeji gives Katha credit for bringing Viaan back, but she needs to make apologies. Ehsan informs Viaan of Meer a’s ambitions.