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Meera warns Katha about Aarav, wondering how an eight-year-old would react after learning that his father had harmed his mother and what his mother had gone through for his therapy. What if Aarav loves and trusts Viaan and the truth is revealed?

Aarav and Kavita enter the hospital.

Katha confronts Meera about telling Aarav the truth; what did Katha do to cause Meera to descend so low? Meera despises women like Katha, who destroyed her family and took her kid away from her. Teeji and Meera never embraced Katha, a single mother like her; Meera survived the pain, but Teeji would not. Aarav is a Garewal family heir, and she does not want him to be a Raghuvanshi heir.

Aarav pays a visit to Viaan in the hospital and kisses the tattoo. Aarav begs him to return home, promising that he will look after him, watch all of his favorite movies, and feed him his favorite meals. Aarav asks him to heal quickly. Kavita consoles Aarav, who inquires whether Viaan misses him.

Meera is at a loss for words and asks Katha if she should inform Aarav. Meera departs to notify Aarav. Katha interrupts her; Aarav is innocent; he has no memory of his father and has found Viaan to be a father figure after years of searching. Katha wonders if Meera is okay with snatching a child’s happiness. Meera isn’t stealing it from him, but if he discovers it somewhere else, he’ll feel depressed for being the source of his mother’s misery. Yuvraj has left no option for this relationship to endure, thus Katha has just one alternative: leave Viaan forever.

Kavita apologizes to Viaan on Yuvraj’s behalf and asks for a second chance. Aarav leaves a card on Viaan’s side table and kisses him on the cheek before departing.

Meera questions Katha’s bravery in fighting for her son; she once fought for Aarav’s life, but now she must fight for his future. Mothers must make difficult decisions; Meera is protecting her son in the same way as Katha is protecting his. Meera recalls the sun and moon artwork she gave Katha, where the sun and moon are in the same circle but never meet, much like Viaan and Katha’s fate. Katha believes they will be united by the power of love. Like the rest of the world, Viaan and Katha never envisioned being together, yet love comes as a surprise. Katha challenges Meera to bring all of her bad with her; Katha will not abandon Viaan.

Katha holds Aarav as he expresses his desire to meet his mother. Aarav inquires about Viaan and when he will awaken and return home. Katha promises him that their presence would help him recuperate quickly. Katha leads Aarav inside, kisses Viaan on the cheek, discovers the card, and instructs Aarav to place it near him. They were both holding Viaan’s hand. When the doctor arrives, Katha inquires about Viaan’s condition. The doctor takes Katha aside to inform her that his vitals aren’t stable and that he hasn’t fully awakened, which is worrisome. It was essential for him to get up early. Katha takes Aarav and Kavita to the church to pray for Viaan.

Ehsan and Vanya are waiting in the meeting room the next morning. Vanya recalls his confession and wishes to speak with Ehsan. The vendor arrives, apologizing for his men’s error; he was late owing to a delayed flight. Ehsan threatens the dealer and demands to know who blackmailed Vanya. The man claims Meera requested him to keep Ehsan and Vanya busy. Meera is still planning and plotting, and Ehsan wonders what she is doing at the hospital. Vanya and Ehsan rush to the hospital.

Katha, Aarav, and Kavita offer prayers for Viaan. Viaan begins to blink. As the doctor examined him, his blood pressure began to stabilize. Katha lowers her head and walks away, realizing Aarav isn’t seated next her. Katha and Kavita inquire about Aarav with hospital personnel. When Katha discovers him conversing with Meera, she recalls Meera threatening to alert Aarav of everything. Aarav can’t take a breath as Katha cries at him to wait and hugs him. Meera tells him of a buddy whose mother became acquainted with the wrong person, and the boy saw that person shouting at his mother before jumping down the balcony. Meera tells him that his mother will be OK.

PRECAP: After Katha tells Viaan that they cannot be together, Viaan attempts to pursue her.