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Raghav tells Katha that love that is given without conditions never ends and that it overcomes all obstacles. Additionally, he claims that through his poetry, he has witnessed Viaan’s love for her. He tries to explain true love to Katha, but she tells Raghav that she was in a helpless situation when he entered her life. She goes on to suggest that since that is how Aarav’s and her lives were intended to be, it is best to move on. She then asks Raghav to concentrate on their lives, expressing her hope that he has received the answers he seeks. Raghav gives her a smile.

Viaan meets his relatives from Earthcon there. He tells them of his choice to make Paris his permanent home. Vanya and Ehsan will also look after them. Everybody seems depressed, but Viaan tries to lift their spirits. He is informed by Jeetu bhai that he will be placing his schedule in his cabin each day, just like he used to. Viaan asks Jeetu bhai and the others to make an effort to comprehend his choice, but they refuse to hear him out and he departs. Remaining behind, Jeetu bhai begs Viaan to stay. When Viaan tells him that Jeetu bhai says there isn’t much he can do, he leaves. Viaan asks Ehsan to explain his choice to the Earthcon people. Ehsan tells him that he doesn’t personally agree with Viaan’s choice. Viaan becomes agitated.

Aarav meets Katha at this location. He apologizes to her for constantly bothering her and acting aggressively throughout. Then he vows to return to her previous cute Aarav self. Katha becomes sentimental. She goes on to tell Aarav that their lives would change today because she is getting married to Raghav. He should be on his best behavior, she tells him. Aarav gives his word, but he also demands a vow from Katha. Like she usually begs him to, he asks Katha to make decisions based on her heart. Katha concurs. After being joyful, Aarav departs. Katha had to make this choice because she expresses the pain of being powerless.

When Vanya is disappointed with his decision, Viaan tries to comfort her at Raghuvanshi’s house and asks her to accept it. Vikram and Ruhi are delighted about Raghav and Katha’s wedding in the meantime. Raghav is asked by Ruhi if Katha and Aarav will be living with them indefinitely. With a smile, Raghav tells her they will be with them. Katha prepares for her marriage registration with Raghav in the interim. She envisions Viaan beside her. As he prepares to travel to Paris, Viaan thinks of Katha by his side. When they realize it’s just in their heads, they become agitated and stop picturing dancing together.

Later, when Katha is getting ready for the registration with Raghav’s family, she is astonished to get a call from Ehsan. She departs the area, confusing Raghav and his family, because she remembers Viaan being injured in the past. She arrives to Ehsan’s location. Then, upon seeing Viaan, she feels relieved. She gives him a hug and asks if he’s okay. Viaan is perplexed by Katha’s inquiry. Raghav gets there. Ehsan apologizes to Viaan and Katha for deceiving them. When Raghav asks Katha to accompany him to his wedding, she declares her love for Viaan. She adds that she made the wrong decision, which she now realizes was to make Aarav weaker rather than stronger. She also asks Raghav to allow her to be with Viaan and thanks him for being there for her when she needed it most. Everyone experiences emotion.

Precap: Viaan forces Katha to wear his ring after Raghav presents it to her. As a team, the three of them should communicate their feelings to one another, Katha advises Aarav. Staring at Viaan is Aarav.