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Katha realizes Meera told Yuvraj about her and Viaan, which is why she was intrigued by their love story in order to find a method to end their relationship. Meera pulls Katha away, and Katha recalls all the tiny arguments Meera made, such as the surname decision and demand for another kid, and when nothing worked, she turned her attention to Viaan. Meera has no doubts about Katha’s integrity; she has nothing to hide, and she keeps her morals high, although her character has been tormented. Meera challenges her morality and beliefs for selling herself for money when she could have waited longer for the money. Meera inquired about Katha’s sleeping habits. Katha now sleeps soundly after witnessing her son’s struggle for so many years. Katha did it for her child and would gladly do it again. Meera’s negativity will have no impact on Katha in the face of Aarav’s happiness and tranquility. Katha went to every bank and NGO in search of money, and she was willing to give her life for insurance money. Katha wonders if Meera would have done the same thing for her child. Viaan would shatter if he found out Meera was the one causing all of this havoc; Meera is the one Viaan loves more than his mother.

Mr. Garewal confronts Yuvraj about his actions, while his wife and children weep for him. Mr. Garewal begs that Yuvraj explain the situation before the worst happens. Yuvraj will rather go to jail than explain why he attacked Viaan. Mr. Garewal provided him with two days’ notice.

Meera is beyond Katha’s comprehension; she is a mother who cannot comprehend Katha, but what about Viaan, whom she adores as a son? Meera believes that this marriage should not have occurred. Katha will tell everyone the complete truth: Viaan would not be the person he is today if that night had not occurred. That night’s sorrow, Aarav’s pain, was fate. Katha and Viaan met on the wrong conditions, but they fought back and triumphed. Katha blames the issue on everything. Meera understands that she is not passing judgment on Katha; Meera would have done the same. Meera wonders what will happen to Viaan, whom Mr. Garewal and Kavita embrace as their son, if Mr. Garewal and Kavita realize everything. Meera is unbelievable to Katha for blackmailing her instead of worrying for Viaan. Katha will tell everyone everything, and she will battle for Viaan at all costs. Meera is only here to feed her ego. Meera silences Katha and informs her that she reared Viaan and that he is now under her surveillance. Meera is too preoccupied with how to separate Katha and Viaan to answer Katha’s queries. Meera will ensure that the Garewals never meet Viaan, and Katha should depart for the sake of her family’s tranquillity.
In his fury over Yuvraj’s refusal to tell him anything, Mr. Garewal breaks a vase. Katha wonders what to say to Katha, how to deal with Teeji, and how to keep everyone together as elders. They couldn’t get Yuvraj to attack Viaan out of their heads. Mr. Garewal is aware that Yuvraj is not one to respond without a reason. Kavita wonders what Viaan went wrong. Mr. Garewal would not spare the individual who irritated Yuvraj. Reet is concerned about herself. Mr. Garewal’s tears are wiped away by Aarav. Kavita wants him to sleep so he doesn’t get sick. Aarav wants them to help his father first because he is the one who is ill.

Meera is expected to accomplish whatever she can because she is not leaving Viaan. Katha is confident that her family will recognize the truth. Meera inquires about Teeji. Meera must have influenced Teeji, and Katha will talk to her later because Teeji isn’t even in a state to be talked to. Katha will deal with her; she challenges Meer and her double standard after changing the positions because Teeji is also a single mother. Katha departs. Meera agrees that Mr. Garewal, Kavita, and Teeji will welcome Katha, and although she will triumph over the world, what about Aarav?

PRECAP: Meera wants Katha to leave Viaan, but Katha would not. When Aarav pays a visit to Viaan, Katha brings him to pray for his father.