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The doctor assists Katha in becoming conscious; she becomes concerned about Viaan, and the staff requests that she leave the room. Katha urges Viaan not to give up; destiny may not be on their side, but he must fight; think of her and his batman; everything would shatter if he does. Viaan finally begins to breathe. Katha implores the physicians to heal Viaan. Katha exits the room, and everyone inquires about Viaan. Katha responds that Viaan is safe. Ehsan was terrified. Vanya blesses God as the medics wait for him to regain consciousness. Teeji comforts Katha as she sobs. Maya wipes her tears away before filing a complaint.

Mr. Garewal is on his way to the hospital to see Viaan. Kavita requests that he disregard whatever Teeji says and return after visiting Viaan. Meanwhile, Kavita will chat to Yuvraj and try to figure out what prompted him to take such a bold step. Reet requests that Mr. Garewal wait while she speaks with the lawyers. The police arrive at the Garewal mansion with an arrest warrant for Yuvraj. Yuvraj walks off on his own, and Aarav is terrified. They leave the residence after Yuvraj demanded that the cops arrest him outside. Reet begs for assistance; contact a lawyer. Kavita arrives to console Aarav after he runs back to his room crying to see his mother. Aarav wonders why Yuvraj attacked his father; he was looking forward to sharing a room with Viaan and wearing matching clothes, but now nothing will be the same. Kavita promises to make everything right. Mr. Garewal is requested by Aarav to see his father. Aarav answers Katha’s phone call and inquires about Viaan. Katha tells Viaan that everything is fine. Mr. Garewal inquires about Viaan, and she responds that he is safe. Kavita apologizes profusely to Katha. Katha is curious as to why Yuvraj made this step. Mr. Garewal reports that Yuvraj refused to speak and that he was arrested by police. Mr. Garewal want to visit Viaan, but Katha declines. Katha removes her jewels and asks Vanya and Ehsan to look after Viaan while she conducts an errand. Katha departs.

Maya and Teeji are seated next to Viaan. Teeji refuses to listen to Maya when she wants to talk. Teeji is aware that Maya sacrificed everything for her, but not at this expense; she has already lost her husband, and for the time being, Teeji want to stay with her kid. Maya walks away.

The police inform Yuvraj that he could face a murder charge. Katha enters the room to speak with the officer, who assures her that she is family and has come with a lawyer. When Katha questions Yuvraj about transporting her back to Aditya’s time, Viaan’s heart stops. Katha insists that he explain why. Yuvraj is unable to tell her. Katha had questions because she believed Yuvraj to be her brother, and he had accepted Viaan for her. Why would Yuvraj attack someone as sweet as Viaan? Yuvraj does not think of him as a lovely man. He is aware of everything, including Viaan’s mistreatment of Katha. Viaan used Katha for money while Aarav was in treatment. Yuvraj accuses himself and Mr. Garewal of pressuring Katha to visit Viaan. Yuvraj has no idea what mental torment Katha may have endured. Viaan is merely trying to manipulate Katha; he does not love her. Yuvraj is embarrassed of himself, but he also has to answer to Aditya. Katha informs him that he does not know the entire truth and asks him who informed him of this. Yuvraj can’t remember who it was, but it was someone close to him.

Vanya panics as she answers a phone call. Vanya responds to Ehsan’s inquiry by saying that HR phoned and said she had a private meeting with Rajhastan project vendors, which is now being publicized in the media. Ehsan wonders why and how. Vanya has been summoned to the HR department. She will be accompanied by Ehsan. Vanya prefers that he stay behind for Viaan. Ehsan refuses; they will come quickly; Teeji is already here with Viaan. Ehsan and Vanya depart. Maya was on the phone, instructing his assistant to keep Vanya and Ehsan busy and distracted with the project.

Maya apologizes to Teeji for everything. Teeji should go home and recover, she says. Teeji will not be able to leave Viaan, but she will rest in the waiting area.

Maya is standing in the corridor. Maya forbids Katha from meeting Viaan from now on, and they must separate ways from now on. Katha discovers that Maya informed Yuvraj about her and Viaan.

PRECAP: Maya wants Katha to leave Viaan for the sake of her family. Katha is adamant about not leaving Viaan under any circumstances. Aarav pays a visit to Viaan in the hospital. Katha promises Aarav that his father will recover and takes him out to pray for him.