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Ehsan urges Vanya to have a meal, and she expresses her disappointment regarding Viaan’s decision to leave Mumbai. Despite sharing his disappointment, Ehsan encourages Vanya to allow Viaan to go to Paris so that he can move on with his life. Vanya refuses to believe it, and they both express differing opinions on the matter. Vanya reveals to Ehsan that she still hopes for a reunion between Katha and Viaan.

Meanwhile, Viaan contemplates a building design sketch, envisioning Katha discussing the plan with him. Simultaneously, Katha receives Raghav’s gift and imagines Viaan by her side. They each have separate imaginary scenarios, with Viaan picturing Katha unpacking his clothes, and Katha envisioning Viaan placing a churni on her head. Both imagine the other signaling not to cry.

Aarav informs Ruhi about meeting Nikhil’s parents and teacher, apologizing for his actions at the summer camp, and becoming friends with Nikhil. Ruhi praises him and questions the source of his newfound bravery. Aarav shares what Viaan might have done in his situation without explicitly mentioning Viaan’s name. He recalls Viaan’s letter and appears sad. Raghav overhears their conversation from a distance.

Raghav discusses his idea for a monument of love with Katha, who suggests hiring another company and expresses her willingness to lead the project. Raghav proposes a small party after their marriage registration. Teji attempts to dissuade Viaan from his decision not to go to Paris, but Viaan explains his reasons and praises Teji for being supportive, advising her not to degrade herself before hugging her.

Vanya hesitates to call Katha, but Ehsan encourages her. Katha answers and assures Vanya of their lifelong friendship. Vanya informs Katha about Viaan’s decision, shocking her. Katha questions Viaan’s reasons, and Vanya requests Katha to do something, emphasizing that she doesn’t want her to feel pressured. Katha assures Vanya that Viaan will return to them soon, but Vanya fears he may not return at all.

In Raghav’s house, Aarav appears distracted, recalling moments with Viaan. Vikram inquires, and Aarav suggests a vacation after Raghav and Katha’s marriage. Raghav observes from a distance.

Viaan talks to a photo frame of him and Katha, expressing that he isn’t distancing himself from her. Meanwhile, Katha tearfully looks at Viaan’s profile on the internet. Raghav arrives, expressing a desire to learn more about her and Viaan before their marriage. Katha shares everything with him, emphasizing her lack of regret in moving on. Raghav questions the nature of this love as Katha remains contemplative.

Precap: Aarav advises Katha to make decisions from her heart, and she agrees. Later, Katha receives a call from Ehsan repeatedly mentioning Viaan’s name, causing her to worry.