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Mr. Garewal slaps Yuvraj after questioning him about the incident on Viaan. Kavita wonders what will happen if something bad occurs to Viaan. Viaan is no longer alive for Yuvraj, and he departs, leaving Kavita behind.

Viaan is rushed to the hospital by Ehsan and Katha. Katha alerts the doctor that Viaan has lost a significant amount of blood; an emergency was summoned, and Viaan was rushed to the operating room. Katha prayed for Viaan’s well-being. Vanya offers since she is B- and the burse came out calling for B- blood. Vanya is taken by the nurse, and the expert enters the operating room to examine Viaan. Katha wishes for his recovery. Teeji begins to shorten her breath.

Teeji is consoled by Meera. Teeji doesn’t want to hear anything from Meera, so she obeys her sister without considering the implications. Meera would never have done it if she had known the outcome. Teeji blames herself, saying she became selfish and forgot she was a mother first. Teeji sobs.

Mr. Garewal is perplexed as to why Yuvraj behaved in this manner. Kavita connects Yuvraj’s actions back to when he didn’t like Ehsan but felt he was simply emotional. Mr. Garewal is perplexed, and he questions Reet, who denies knowing anything.

Mr. Garewal receives a call from Katha, who informs him that Viaan is in critical condition and may require surgery. Katha is back at the hospital, and all of her anxiety, agony, and trauma have returned. She will confront Yuvraj about what he did; Viaan is Aarav’s father, and he is Katha’s entire world. Katha hung up after promising to bring Viaan back. Mr. Garewal walks out of the room.

Katha asks Ehsan why Yuvraj attacked Viaan, what made him so angry that he didn’t wait till the wedding, and why Viaan didn’t fight back. As Yuvraj chatted to Viaan, Ehsan notices him losing himself. The doctor emerges, unable to say anything because the procedure is still in progress. Nothing will happen, Katha assures. Ehsan storms out in rage.

Mr. Garewal approaches Yuvraj and him why he did what he did. Yuvraj is unable to tell. Yuvraj is slapped by Mr. Garewal.

Meera brings water to Teeji, who refuses to drink it. Ehsan confronts Meera about Yuvraj’s horrific attack on Viaan. Meera’s game is finished because Ehsan’s brother is dying. Meera has no idea what Ehsan is on about. Meera was Ehsan’s favorite because she was cunning; he knew she didn’t want Viaan and Katha to marry, so she used Yuvraj as a pawn by telling him the truth. Meera requests that Ehsan down his volume because this is a hospital. Meera will not back down if something bad happens to Viaan. Ehsan says the same thing, he won’t be able to restrain himself.

Mr. Garewal informs Katha that she has already lost Aditya and now Viaan. Yuvraj didn’t consider the consequences; their entire generation will be held accountable. They will be defeated. If something happens to Viaan, Yuvraj will lose his family, according to Katha. Under any circumstances, Yuvraj is unable to reveal the cause. Mr. Garewal sobs, unsure what to do. Aarav arrives, seeking his father, and confronts Yuvraj for injuring his father. Kavita hugs Aarav, who want to see his parents.

Katha instructs Ehsan to obtain more B- blood. Ehsan tells Viaan that everything will be fine and pulls the nurse aside to discuss.

Teeji is consoled by Katha, who assures him that Viaan will heal and that his mother is waiting for him. Teeji is hugged by Katha.

Viaan’s vitals were oscillating, causing the doctors to panic. Teeji is praying for his son. As Viaan begins to lose consciousness, the physicians rush to his aid, and a nurse is dispatched to provide an injection. The nurse asks Katha and Ehsan to step back. Katha enters the operating room because she believes Viaan requires her assistance.

Viaan was not breathing when Katha entered the operating room. When she sees him like way, Katha faints. They are both unconscious and in the same room. Aarav laments the fact that his parents abandoned him.

PRECAP: Katha appears to inform Viaan that he is no longer in danger. Meera lodges a formal complaint against Yuvraj. Yuvraj is being arrested by the police. In the police station, Katha encounters Yuvraj, who knows what Viaan did to her. Meera prevents Katha from meeting with Viaan. Katha realizes Meera informed Yuvraj.