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Aarav told Dadi that he was his son and that he welcomed Robin into his life, but he hurt his mother and is a liar; he said he loves me, but do people hurt those they love? Aarav runs out while they are unable to stop him, Vikram stops Pari because Aarav is a sensitive boy and they do not know what to say to him, Ruhi asks if her Katha mom will leave her along with Aarav and she will be alone again, but Vikram tells Ruhi that her Katha mom loves her very much, and Pari says how can a mother leave her daughter, so no one is leaving.

When Aarav exits the room and stands in front of Teji, she apologizes, saying it was all her fault. When Aarav says this means she has hurt his mother, Katha stops him, saying it is not the way to talk with elders, but Teji says he should know what she has done, explaining that a mother cannot do what she has done because she was unable to protect and care for her son, instead destroying his house, but Viaan is a very nice person who Aarav responds, but he violated his and his mother’s confidence, so if someone had done this to him, would she have forgiven that person? Teji turns to face them when Aarav urges them all to leave their lives and never return. Aarav then goes to hug his mother, who consoles him once more. Ruhi believes Viaan sir genuinely cares about Katha mom and Aarav, but when he takes them both away, she doesn’t want to urge him to leave because it would leave her and her father alone. Vikram claims Katha’s mother will never abandon her.

Ahsan informs Rgahav that while it is not his place to say so, he believes Aarav and Katha should be with Viaan and that if their fate had not been so horrible, they would be together. Ahsan asks Katha whether she would live without Viaan because they both stuck together despite their hardships, and then he asks Aarav if he would live without his friend. Ahsan turns to Raghav and says they should stay together, and Vanya tells Katha not to worry since they would handle everything. Katha continues to insist that this is her family for the time being, and that she has gone on with her life. Katha turns to Viaan and asks whether he can see that everything is deteriorating once more and that it is difficult to make the correct decisions in life, so she asks him to stop. Viaan invites Ahsan to come, which surprises Teji and Vanya as well as Ahsan; he does not allow anyone to say anything and then tells Aarav that everything will go exactly as he wishes; he apologizes to Raghav, saying he is a very nice human being who is very clever, so he respects him a lot because if let them speak in his house so it is respectful Viaan kneels in front of Aarav, saying he knows Aarav will take care of his mother because he is a good kid, and then urges Raghav to take care of himself before saying good-by to Katha. Viaan, with his head turned towards the floor, leaves after taking up his coat, Raghav is also anxious, and Katha and Aarav are both crying.

While Ahsan and Vanya argue outside, Teji asks Viaan to say something. Viaan says he has understood it now because Katha has lost to the situation and will not even try for them both, her fear is controlling her mind and he has also tried his best so should accept it, he vows never to meet Katha again and to go so far away that she will not be able to meet them. Viaan suggests they travel to Paris to get away from Katha, Aarav, and this world. Viaan assures Teji that Ahsan and Vanya will take care of Earthcon, and then departs, suggesting they should travel to Paris.

Katha is standing on the balcony when Raghav approaches her and asks if they can talk and she should say it with just a hand on her heart, so he asks if she still loves Viaan, Katha says she loves him a lot but these things don’t mean anything as she said she is ready to move on in her life, Raghav asks if she is sure, she replies life is not the same all the time and she was lucky to get so much happiness Katha says she is very sorry for what happened in the house and apologizes; she says he is actually a very nice person with a big heart; Raghav says now he feels it is time to move on because it is best for their family; she suggests they get married in a small ceremony in their own home. Raghav’s suggestion is accepted by Katha.

In the morning, Viaan is packing when Teji says that she feels they should take some of these last memories because if he cannot go, they can still take these memories, Viaan says that when he was studying to become a father, he read that parents take care of their children even when they are away and he knew, Viaan says that if he and Aarav were Robin and Batman, he would know what Aarav was feeling, and it was true. Viaan claims that these are from a time when Aarav adored him and had no ill will toward him, but now that he has seized the right, he cannot take these things, but when he shuts his eyes, he only sees Katha and Aarav. Teji is still worried when Viaan asks her to pack her things because he wants to leave his entire world and they cannot forget anyone by going far because he would remember them, Viaan says how would Katha live peacefully if he stays here, how would they both stay happy so he asks her not to be worried but Teji is still worried. Viaan removes the painting that Aarav created for him.

Raghav tells Katha that his mother has gone to see his aunt, and Katha suggests that they go as well, but Raghav assures her that things will improve. Katha apologizes because everyone is tense because of her, but he assures they will all tease each other and everything will be OK. Raghav brings a gift for Katha, but she begins to remember when Viaan also brought one for him. Raghav says it is fine because a lot has happened, but Katha also asks him to forget everything, to which he replies that it does not matter if he forgets or not, but she will not be able to forget it because it is medically impossible. When Raghav asks where the ring is, Katha says her decision is final and she tries to go. He says her injury has been healed but she did not wear it when Katha says she will wear it before the registration. Aarav is playing when the worker comes saying that it is for him, Aarav notices the doggy broach and he opening it takes out the drawing that he made for his Robin, he finds a letter which states that he knows Batman is angry with him but he is going far away and he has hurt his mother when he did not know any better, he was taught by Katha to forgive and he has indeed apologized while his mother even forgave him so now he also wants to apologize to him.

Precap: Raghav says he wants to ask Katha one final question before the registration; Katha phones Vanya, who informs her that Viaan is leaving everything behind and traveling to Paris; Katha is nervous.