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Aarav wishes to speak as well, thanking his parents for inviting him to their wedding because none of his friends were invited. Aarav was once the man of the home, but Viaan now assumes that role. Aarav will be the house’s second male.

Teeji threatens to annul the marriage if Yuvraj does not comply.

Viaan begs Katha to mend his necklace and tells her to take this as an opportunity and run. The Pandit summons the Mala. When Ehsan chooses Viaan, Aarav accuses him of cheating. Viaan does not want any delays; he is eager to marry. Viaan wears the Mala, Katha declines, Viaan inquires, and everyone laughs. Katha finally puts on the Mala.

Teeji threatens to set fire to the mundip.

Meera pulls Reet aside and urges her to rouse Yuvraj, remind him about Aditya, and persuade him to put off the wedding. Reet the leaves.

For the ritual, Pandit contacts the groom’s sister. Vanya prays for their good future together while executing the ceremony. The pandit goes on. Vanya notices Ehsan walking away from the mundip. She calls him to the stage and wonders what is wrong with him; he is good at times but inconsistent. Vanya was about to go when Ehsan stopped her. Vanya is cute in an angry attitude, and Ehsan has advised her to punch the males who flirt with her; he doesn’t want Vanya to doubt herself since she is gifted.

Pandit summons the bride’s parents, informs them about the process, and requests everyone’s names in turn. Pandit loses patience when Mr. Garewal refuses to offer his daughter’s hand to Viaan Yuvraj.

Ehsan expresses his feelings to Vanya, expressing his want to chat to her forever but being Viaan’s best friend and Vanya’s brother, he is unable to do so. Ehsan wants to tell loid that he is no longer frightened of obligations, but in Vanya’s case, he cannot. Ehsan says I Love You to her since she is different for him.

Mr. Garewal hands Viaan Katha’s hand. Reet separates himself from Yuvraj. Reet is aware that he is in trauma; Katha and Aarav may appear joyful, but as a woman, she can tell that something is amiss. This marriage must be annulled since Viaan exploited Katha and then forced her to marry. Reet urges Yuvraj to call off the wedding.

The pheeras are performed by Viaan and Katha. Teeji will commit suicide if this wedding takes place.

If someone had taken advantage of her sister, Reet would not have stopped. If Yuvraj allows this to happen, Reet will not forgive him. She irritated Yuvraj by bringing up the subject of God.

Viaan assists Katha with her clothes, and they later switch positions according to tradition. Meera asks Teeji to fight for Viaan as she sees Yuvraj approaching in rage.

Yuvraj unties the knot before punching Viaan, prompting him to fear. Viaan politely requests that Yuvraj explain what happened. Yuvraj strikes him once again. When Viaan speaks up for himself, Yuvraj informs him that he is aware of his exploiting Katha. Everything flashed back at Viaan, so he didn’t fight back.

Vanya wakes Ehsan and leads him outdoors to deal with the mess.

Yuvraj slams Viaan’s head on the back of the stage, causing him to bleed and faint. Katha is terrified and demands that he be rushed to the hospital. Ehsan transports him. Teeji orders the Garewals not to follow her. Yuvraj will be punished for his crime.


Viaan is in the hospital. Katha passes out. Mr. Garewal slaps Yuvraj for failing to explain why he assaulted Viaan. Meera apologized to Teeji for not informing her about the outcome. Meera will not be forgiven by Teeji.