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Viaan calls Katha before leaving for work, planning to bribe the Pandit for the pheeras and have 14 of them for the next life. Viaan begs Katha to give him a selfie of herself because he is excited to see her. Katha refuses, preferring that he come home for it. She tells him that he would have to get up for yoga every morning, deal with her frequent mood swings, and warns him about the two thunderstorms that would enter his life. Viaan will handle things with grace and love. Aarav wants Viaan to ride home on his horse. Viaan promises that he will not back down. Viaan rejoins Ehsan in the dance.

Yuvraj yells at Reet for questioning Katha’s character, saying that she has overstepped her bounds today. Viaan did give Katha 1 crore to spend the night with her, according to Reet. Yuvraj threatens Reet about their relationship in the event that the claim is incorrect. Yuvraj is aware that Reet and her brother are dissatisfied with Mr. Garewal’s decision to transfer his land to Aarav, and Reet promises up her kid. She shows Yuvraj the evidence Meera provided her, which clearly shows Katha entering the room and departing with a bag. Reet accuses Viaan of exploiting Katha’s suffering for his personal gain. Reet may despise Katha, but as a mother and a woman, she knows everything, including Katha. Yuvraj is perplexed as to why Katha and Viaan appear to be happy together. Reet believes Viaan is manipulating her because he knows the Garewals will not back Katha if this knowledge gets out.

Aarav gets pleased when he hears the drum beats, and Viaan tells him that he will be his best man. Katha sends Aarav outdoors once he is dressed. Yuvraj stands at the door while Katha prays. He sobs as he recalls how everything became muffled.

When the baarat arrives, Meera motions for Reet to step aside. Meera queries Reet about their strategy because Yuvraj has failed to respond. Reet says he is in trauma and that it will take time for that trauma to develop into fury. Meer needs assurance that something will happen. Reet guarantees that the marriage will end. Kavita interjects by inquiring about Yuvraj with Reet; they should be at the reception.

Aarav tells Katha about the attractive groom.

Yuvraj sobs as he holds Aditya’s photograph. He apologized for failing him by failing to assist Katha. Before getting emotional about Katha, Kavtia contacts Yuvraj and asks him to fulfill his duty. She invites him downstairs. Reet cannot see Yuvraj being embarrassed in front of Aditya; he must have expected Yuvraj to handle the family and safeguard Katha. Reet requests that he complete all of that. Yuvraj throws the necklace he crafted for Viaan on the floor and apologizes to Aditya. Reet is heartbroken, but he will make things right. Before getting upset, Reet encourages him to fulfill his obligations and save Katha from marrying that monster. Yuvraj wipes his tears and walks away.

Viaan is welcomed by Kavita. He hugs Yuvraj, who does not return his hug. Viaan wishes to know if everything is fine. Yuvraj is greeted by Ehsan. They greet each other. Kavita leads everyone to the mundip.

Kavita instructs Yuvraj to prepare for Katha’s arrival; he has little time to rest. Aarav is curious as to why a bride makes her entrance through a flower garden. According to Kavita, a brother assures his sister that her groom will take care of him as he has taken care of her, as if he were a flower. Aarav is taken by Kavita.

Ehsan requests that Viaan be patient. Vanya mocks Ehsan for his unsuccessful plans for a vacation wedding venue, but what about the bride’s beautiful entrance? Ehsan promises that the bride’s entrance will be stunning.

Viaan was transfixed as he watched Katha enter the room. Everyone enthusiastically brings Katha, dancing, and singing. Mr. Garewal enters and hands Reet prasaad to be distributed among the visitors. He compliments Katha and extends his hand to Viaan. He leads them to the mundip. Yuvraj wished to obstruct them.

Ehsan interrupts the pandit at the mundip to toast Katha and Viaan’s love tale. Their friendship appeared to be unattainable; they had strived for each other. If Ehsan had known, he would have gathered them sooner. Ehsan adores his sibling and will do everything for him. Ehsan beverages, which are basically juice. Today marks the end of a love story that will be told to everyone, even Aarav’s children. Mr. Garewal invites Yuvraj to join in the toast, but he declines and departs.

RECAP: Reet coerces Yuvraj into rescuing Katha from this poisonous connection. Yuvraj puts a halt to the pheeras.