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‘The episode begins with Katha, who is still unable to sleep and working on her laptop. Raghav enters his residence with Viaan in a covert manner, and they continue to drink. Viaan admires the gorgeous location and remarks that it has a poetic vibe rather than a doctor’s sense.
He wants Raghav to tell him more about his new love, who has made him fall in love for the second time. Raghav excitedly displays his engagement ring and declares that he is already married. Raghav, according to Viaan, must be entirely healed from his past.

He warns Raghav not to read his sad poems. Raghav, on the other hand, believes that his poetry is timeless. He suggests that Viaan meet his fiancée, but understands that it is too late, so he suggests meeting later. Katha walks into the room and discovers Raghav drinking. She inquires as to why he is awake. Raghav wonders if she is expecting him, and Katha responds by wondering if he is talking to himself. Raghav reveals that he is accompanied by a very special friend. Katha offers her assistance if he requires it.

Raghav claims to have already obtained everything he desires, but then makes a joke about it. Katha goes by Viaan, who has his head down, and misses him. When Viaan sees Katha, he feels a sense of familiarity but dismisses it as a result of his drunken state. e tells Raghav that he continues seeing her and no longer wants to drink. Raghav laments his life’s unfortunate timing. Viaan expresses his joy at meeting Raghav, praising his positivity and friendliness. He hugs Raghav and expresses his intention to depart.

Raghay proposes that he stay in the guest room rather than taking a cab alone. Raghav eventually persuades Viaan to stay so he can meet his fiancée and enjoy breakfast with his family the next morning. Katha practices yoga with Raghav’s family before gathering for breakfast. While Aarav inquires about Raghav, Ikram and Pari indulge in amusing banter. Pari claims that he returned late the night before with a friend.

Ruhi shares her hope that the friend is the poet from the previous night’s event. Katha approaches Raghav and informs him that she want to meet his new friend, Viaan Raghuvanshi. She inquires about Viaan, and Raghav promises her that he will bring Viaan along, since Ruhi will be overjoyed to meet him. Katha asks Raghav to proceed, and she will contact Viaan. Katha recalls all of her memories with Viaan as she steps cautiously approaching his chamber.
She enters the place and finds it devoid of any presence. In its place, she discovers a note written by Viaan, stating that a buddy like him is far away.

superior to one who has deceived and that he is fleeing owing to serious reasons. Aarav confides in Raghav, sharing his vision of the three of them having fun, which lifts his spirits tremendously.
Katha overhears their chat and muses on how these four shattered parts may come together to form a beautiful family, all the while realizing that her background could potentially shatter everything, necessitating her hiding. When Viaan returns to the office, he is greeted warmly by all of his coworkers. The episode finishes with Viaan reflecting on his interactions with Katha at work.