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Yuvraj steps forward to carry out the rite. Reet’s brother mocks him for not being able to tell the difference between a real and a phony sister. Katha was instructed to close her eyes since she is not permitted to view her choora. Meera watches Reet’s brother drinking in despair while Yuvraj puts choora on her hand. Katha looks up to see Yuvraj in tears. Reet’s brother smashes the glass, questioning the unfairness that has befallen his sister and daughters. He criticizes the Garewals for being unconcerned about Reet, who has recently recovered from depression. Reet tries to put a halt to his brother. Kavita chastises him for discussing an odd issue at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Reet’s brother accuses Katha of acting cunningly in order to obtain all of the property for her kid. Yuvraj slaps Reet’s brother after asking him about Katha. Kavita and Katha are attempting to soothe Yuvraj. Yuvraj orders Reet to bring her brother inside and make him see sense. Kavita apologizes to Reet’s brother and invites him in. Katha begs Yuvraj to calm down, but Yuvraj would not allow any negative comments about Katha. Meera found the perfect person to break the news to. Meera agrees with Yuvraj that he did the right thing. Meera informs Reet about the proof she discovered, and Katha receives 1 crore to spend the night with Viaan. Reet must inform Yuvraj of this information; as a brother, he will end the marriage.

Kavita stood beside Katha as she prepared. Yuvraj appears to show them the gift he received for Viaan. Yuvraj is saddened by the loss of his sister but relieved that Adiitya’s place has been replaced by someone deserving; he couldn’t have handed this position to anybody other than Viaan. Kavita cuts him off for being emotional. Kavita is undecided about what hairstyle to give Katha. Yuvraj asks Reet for assistance because she is the greatest at it. The envelopes are filled by Kavtia and Yuvraj. Katha apologized to Reet for unexpectedly entering her life, and Reet also apologized. Katha desires a gift from Reet in order for her to accept Aarav and Katha. They both hug, and Reet motions for Yuvraj to come outside. Reet shows the stylist a hairstyle that would look good on Katha. Reet and Yuvraj leave.

Viaan inquires about his appearance. Ehsan complements Viaan but is taken aback when Vanya appears fully dressed. Vanya assists Viaan in putting on his diamonds. Ehsan believes that he is the one who is making a sacrifice by marrying Viaan; he wants Viaan to marry Katha and be together forever. Viaan understands what it’s like to feel emotional. Teeji asks Meera to halt this. Meera is madly in love with Viaan. Ehsan will sing Chaana Meerya today because his love is marrying his pal. Meera confronts Teeji about his strange behavior. Viaan tells Vanya and Ehsan how he plans to greet Katha when she returns home. Meera is concerned because they will have to deal with Viaan after all of this upheaval. Teeji must end this marriage regardless of the consequences. Meera tells her to unwind because Reet is on the job.

Yuvraj apologizes to Reet for his past actions. Reet didn’t mind because she had expected the same from her brother. Reet has something else she wants to tell Yuraj, but she is skeptical. Reet feels awful for Katha since her misery has been exploited.

Meera asks Teeji to wait for a while, but uses the time to express her joy for Viaan’s wedding. Teeji apologizes to Viaan for misbehaving with Katha, Aarav, and the Garewals. Teeji urges Viaan to bring Katha home because she will compensate for everything.

Ehsan begins the party by dancing to the rhythms of the drums; he wants Vanya to dance at his brother’s wedding or she will become a ghost after death.

Katha is all geared up for her special day.

Raghuvanshi is bringing the baarat. Meera makes Reet do something. Reet tells Yuvraj about the 1 crore transaction and believes Viaan is pressuring Katha to marry him. She begs Yuvraj to save Katha from her unhealthy relationship.