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Viaan mentions Katha is his life and poetry so why is she arguing with him, he explains that things cannot be changed so why is she arguing, Viaan says she came in front of everyone suggesting he must move on but he cannot, Katha hesitantly explains that she is still with him by his side, but the world has moved on and they see her as the one making relations with new people but she is still here and they do not know that she never moved on, Katha is abruptly asked if she is okay by a server, and she nods as the waiter departs.

Katha notices Viaan on stage, who explains that his love story ended in heartbreak, but he will continue to write about it in his poems. Katha begins to exhale heavily.4

Raghav’s parents are talking how attractive Katha is, but Vicky remarks that it appears she is coaching their son Raghav on how to conduct the consultation; his mother responds that she is saying that if Vicky uncle throws another joke, she will not let it go easy. Vicky says that he knows Aarav really likes his joke, Pari replies that she knows they both are very nice and their house has become very good, Vicky uncle says that Aarav is a very nice child but has suffered so much in his life that he has anger issues, Aarav becomes enraged when he hears their talk and enters his room, recalling how much he used to enjoy with his Robin, and he becomes enraged when he questions why Robin does not vanish from his memory.

Katha enters the room and consoles Aarav, assuring him that everything is fine and that they will be unable to move forward in life unless he forgives Viaan from the depths of his heart. Aarav responds that his dream has been shattered, but Katha reminds him that life is unpredictable and that they should only prioritize filling their lives with joyful moments. Aarav admits that he adored Viaan and that he still misses him, but Katha persuades him to forget the past and move on.

When Raghav and Ruhi arrive, Viaan is singing the poetry books, so she praises him for being a very talented poet. Viaan proposes she read not only his poetry but also novels because they let them meet new people, so he advises her to read something happy. Dr Singh welcomes Viaan from behind, thanking him for his poetry, and asks when Raghav is going to go, to which he replies that he thought about conversing with Viaan if he had some time. Misses Singh offers to drop Ruhi off, but Raghav says she needs to leave because she has school tomorrow. Ruhi leaves, imploring Viaan to remain her father’s friend. Raghav claims that Viaan has broken his heart, which causes Viaan to become concerned when Raghav claims that he is not very good with words and has come dangerously close to being beaten. Viaan agrees to accept any punishment when Raghav mentions that it will only be a hug, and Raghav admits that he considered leaving but couldn’t because he saw Viaan. Raghav is certain that Viaan experienced heartbreak because he has witnessed it; nonetheless, Viaan suggests that Raghav first recount his heartbreak story. Viaan and Raghav are both drinking when he comments that he cannot understand how someone could leave someone as serene as Viaan, to which he replies that he only has questions in his heart. Raghav interrupts Viaan, suggesting that he let her sufferings be his words, since they all have broken promises and memories. Viaan remarks that all of these memories are really lovely, and he asks them if he did not deserve that bliss.

Katha is sitting next to Aarav, who is asleep. She recalls asking Aarav if he is happy here and likes Raghav, and Aarav responding that Ruhi told him how her mother mistreated Raghav, but he is really good and does not hurt anyone. Katha tells Aarav that she knew he would like it here, which is why they came here, Katha mentions that sometimes they have to change their location to forget their past, which is why all of their problems will now go to their previous address, Aarav mentions that he gets very angry just thinking about him, Katha mentions that she does not want anyone to suffer a heart break, Katha informs that Raghav’s entire family is very nice, so they both

Viaan tells Raghav that he has waited all these months just to see her, but when he went to her house, he found that she had left, Raghav calls it deception, but Viaan says he does not know what it was but it was never deception, Viaan mentions that he wishes she had met him at least once, because she used to give a lot of importance to him but he is just looking for that importance, Viaan apologizes when Raghav ask

Raghav is singing as he walks to the parking lot and says that Viaan is the poet, Raghav explains that he had a thought of a poet, he explains that they also have a world inside of them so Viaan needs to reveal everything, Viaan is not moved but Raghav says he knows it is very dramatic but what if the words can actually help, Raghav forces Viaan to speak what is in his heart, Viaan while standing in the parking He questions why she forced him to live in the dark when she knows she doesn’t need anything to see him, and why she lies to herself and avoids him.

Katha, standing by the window, recalls the times she spent with Viaan and how he asked if she would support him before falling asleep on the bed.

Viaan and Raghav are joking in the car when Viaan says he doesn’t know how time passed but the night is still left so what should they do now? Raghav advises they go to his house and get whatever they need.

Precap: After Viaan tells Raghav that he still has his love, Katha walks out of the room and is surprised to see Viaan with Raghav.