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Upon seeing Viaan’s billboard, Ruhi becomes ecstatic as he is her idol and will be performing here tonight. Katha was stunned. Raghav says he’s been reading some poetry lately by a poet named Viaan. The title of his debut novel was Katha Ankahee. His metaphors are peaceful and profound. Raghav believes Viaan must be the luckiest girl alive, that she must have loved someone very much. Ruhi finds it hard to imagine she will be seeing Viaan. Though Viaan surpasses Raghav, Ruhi is aware that Raghav thinks himself cool. Raghav is also eager to meet him. Katha remembers that day when she broke up with Viaan. Someone welcomes Raghav. Raghav presents his fiancée Katha and daughter Ruhi to him. Since they were the main guests, they weren’t asked to take a seat.

Viaan is greeted by the host, who congratulates him on the release of his book.


Rahav makes eye contact with Katha, and they were told that Viaan was coming. The woman says that Viaan will come over to meet the main visitor because Ruhi wanted to meet him. Raghav begs Katha to stay even though she is hesitant and has prepared an excuse to depart.


Vanya consoles Teeji, who accuses herself of handling everything. Every day, Teeji imagines Viaan and Katha being here, cooking together as she and Aarav wait for them at the table. Together, they would have been content. Teeji understands now that they were meant to be together. Vanya wishes to see Viaan and Katha again since she finds it hard to accept they are no longer together.


Ruhi and Raghav are met by Viaan. Despite being too young for it, Ruhi adores his poems in Urdu. She loves it a lot. Raghav says that even though it’s their first meeting, the book “Katha” would always be a part of him. Viaan signs their autograph and departs. Raghav observes that Katha is absent.


In the women’s restroom, Katha pants profusely. She remembers the day she went to the police station and made a statement against Viaan. She made an effort to clarify the circumstances that were in place at the Garewal Mansion. The attorney queries, Viaan squeezed the trigger as Yuvraj attempted to grab it. The lawyer refused to allow Katha to clarify Viaan’s viewpoint. Katha asked a lawyer whether she thought Viaan would prevail in the case. The attorney promised. Viaan was not accepted as a father by Arav. He and his mother were harmed by Viaan. Aarav no longer desires to live with Viaan. Katha believes that Aarav is starting to despise his father, much like Viaan did. Giving Aarav time and space to recover from this trauma is preferable since unpleasant things will happen if they confront each other. Katha contacts Raghav to let him know she can’t remain here because she doesn’t feel good and is heading home. Raghav requested to go, but Katha declined. She has hired a cab and will pick up Ruhi and him at their house. Raghav concurs. Viaan is called on stage by the host.


Farah has also come to terms with her error. The present is too strange for them, therefore Ehsan wished they could go back in time and change the past. Farah extends regret. While everything has changed, Ehsan is making jokes here. He got to know Yuvraj, who shares his humiliation. Vanya tells them not to give up because miracles do occur. It is nothing short of a miracle that Teeji took care of her when her mother passed away. Teeji has similar hopes.


Addressing Raghav and his audience in this room today is Viaan. Katha pauses to read the poems of Viaan. Viaan rose to recite his finest poetry. As the crowd cheers and praises him, Katha sobs as she hears his words. When Viaan spots Katha inside the hallway, all of the people stop and stare at her. There was utter quiet. Katha arrives Raghav gets up to address Viaan. Katha thinks that Viaan is the only one who suffered, thus she challenges his accusation that she is self-centered. Although Katha is not familiar with powerful Urdu terms, it does not imply that she lacks compassion. Viaan bemoans the fact that she doesn’t get his love. Even though God is ruthless in giving and taking life, Katha is deliberately causing him pain. She accuses him of doing it once more and asks why he is channeling his suffering toward her by drawing inspiration from it. Because she left him, Viaan will become an inspiration because his love is now his sorrow, and he won’t allow her to get in the way of that.


PRECAP: Raghav asks Katha if she is in love with Viaan or not. He asks for a response. If Aarav thinks Raghav is cute, Katha asks. Raghav is Aarav’s love.