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Raghav asks Katha why she removed water droplets from her flowers and if she’s happy about him fixing the ring. Katha inquires about her therapy session, and Raghav is worried because she doesn’t argue as therapists advise. Katha remembers arguing with Viaan for Aarav, but Raghav finds their fights more endearing than showing love. He wishes for a lovers’ quarrel, but Katha believes that people have romanticized love’s aggression. She leaves, and Raghav knows she’s engaged but not in love, and he hopes she’ll love him back.

Katha joins her family dancing, except for Aarav, who’s upset. Raghav tries to engage Aarav, and Katha receives a call from Yuvraj about Viaan’s return. Raghav asks if everything’s okay, and Katha says she needs time to relax due to a client call. She goes for a walk.

Viaan is driving, thinking about Katha, and they cross paths. His car breaks down, and a boy offers Katha an umbrella. Viaan gives the boy money and, when he opens the umbrella, it lands in front of Katha. They find shelter from the rain, but they can’t see each other. Viaan thinks the rain connects them, and he believes they should reveal their connection to the world. He catches a glimpse of Katha under the umbrella before she leaves.

Katha returns home, and Raghav offers her a towel, asking about the umbrella. She doesn’t know where it came from. Raghav couldn’t sleep while she was out, but he didn’t want to disturb her peace. Teeji advises Viaan to handle himself since Katha has moved. Raghav and Katha check on Aarav, who’s asleep.

Viaan reads a poem on his balcony. Raghav tells Katha that the house is now her home, her safe space. Raghav’s safe space is Katha. He leaves, and Katha is left feeling despondent. Viaan believes he’ll get what he’s destined for, and Katha cries heavily. They both fall asleep.

The next morning, Katha leads her new family in a yoga session. Afterward, they want parathas and butter, but she suggests a healthier breakfast. Vikram is unsure about bitter gourd juice, but he likes it after trying it. Raghav calls it “Katha’s magic,” but she credits the cook. Ruhi asks for help with a school project, and Aarav complains about hearing strange noises at night. Ruhi teases him about her sleepwalking. Raghav asks Katha to join him at a doctor’s meeting, and she agrees.

In the evening, Raghav compliments Katha’s appearance, and they overhear people discussing a poetry reading event happening that evening. Ruhi notices Viaan’s poster, and Katha is shocked.

PREVIEW: Viaan is welcomed, and Raghav tells Katha about Viaan’s books. Katha wants to leave, but Raghav insists she stays and waits for Viaan.