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Aarav returns from school, sits on the couch after placing his bag, and asks if Aarav returned or not and why is the energy so low in the house, Aarav replies there was no free period in the school when Raghav says that they day when he needed the help of Aarav they gave him such a busy schedule, Raghav says if he would play so low then how can they enjoy it, Aarav mentions Ruhi loves it,

Katha is working in the office when she receives a phone call from Raghav, who says he wants to talk to her about Aarav. She asks if everything is well, and he responds that he believes Aarav is keeping something from him. Katha recalls how Aarav met Viaan and how she made him swear not to let their past ruin the family. Raghav assures her that it is nothing important and that he simply wants her to notify him if she discovers the cause for it. Katha is concerned.


Ahsan informs Vanya that Aarav needs Raghav, not Viaan, and that her mother did not have a choice although Katha had. Vanya responds that Katha was forced to make the decision and that staying with Dr Raghav will ruin her life. Vanya told her father that her life with Teji was a punishment and that if she does not do it, no one will be pleased. Ahsan asks Vanya if her parents and Teji aunti are happy; he says she is aware they are not pleased since they were thinking from their hearts, and they sometimes have to be practical; she should note how Katha is more concerned about her son. Ahsan encourages Vanya to think practically, which she does not comprehend, and to stop worrying about her aspirations because they cannot always come true. Ahsan claims he has not come to dispute with her, but rather to find out if she is on his side. Vanya wonders why their beliefs cannot differ, and Ahsan departs, saying they should let go of hope when it causes them to suffer. Vanya is distressed.


Katha is seated in her cabin when the peon indicates she has been called outside. Viaan is explaining the concept when he observes Jeetu Bai is tight and continually wiping sweat from his brow, so he asks if he should call for some water. Viaan informs Katha that the team has some ideas about the design; Katha asks Jeetu Bhai what the ideas are, and he informs her that the team has said that if she makes some adjustments, it will be better. Katha notices Jeetu Bhai becoming disoriented and collapsing. Katha quickly requests that someone bring him water and inquires as to whether he is experiencing chest pain. Katha asks Viaan what he is thinking, she asks Jeetu Bhai if he took his blood pressure medicine, which he refuses, she orders Viaan to bring it from his cabin and then she delivers it to him, Katha suggests he take deep breathes, which he does, and then he finally opens up. Viaan inquires if they can perform another therapy. Jeetu Bhai claims that he would have to become ill in order to see her smile. Katha is concerned.


Aarav is sitting in his room when Ruhi comes in to tell him that they are going shopping with Vikram, she says that even Aarav’s camping group is coming when he gets worried and refuses, Ruhi realizes that something is wrong and questions what happened to him but Aarav replies that he will not go there, Ruhi leaves but suspects there is something wrong. Aarav recalls creating the wooden horse when the boys began taunting him, so he became enraged and exacted his revenge, after which he was warned.


Katha is at work when an employee arrives to notify her that Jeetu Bhai has been returned home and given bed rest, but that everything is well now, and she thanks Katha for being there to aid him. When Viaan asks what happened, Katha rushes to her cabin and says she got scared thinking they might lose him. Viaan gives her the water and explains that being scared causes a lot of things to happen, but she never makes decisions after being scared and everything is sorted when she takes care of it. Vanya notices Viaan holding Katha’s hand and begins to smile. Viaan explains that they can perform magic together and that nothing has changed for them both, and Vanya smiles.


In the middle of the night, Ahsan is lighting the candles when Vanya comes in all dressed up, so he kneels and asks for her hand, he pulls her closer saying that he has hired the favorite band and the Mehandi designer, he notices her tension and explains that he knows she is not convinced with his thoughts but asks him to be sure that everything will be fine, Vanya says she will not change and after thinking has understood she still believes in her dreams and desires


Viaan inquires as to how Jeetu Bhai is instructing half of the staff to cease working, and he wants Meenu jee to notify him if she requires anything. Viaan concludes the call by recalling Aarav’s pledge to stay by his side and even become his squash partner. Viaan asks if he could have seen Aarav, Raghav sees Viaan on his phone and goes to say hello, they both meet when Raghav explains he was just thinking about him and here they are, he asks how the topic is going and he is confident Katha is a wonderful help. Raghav asks what Viaan is doing and invites him back to his house; Raghav asks if he is busy but then says he is formal; Raghav says he informed Viaan about his kid Aarav and would introduce him; Viaan accepts to accompany Raghav.


Aarav is with Vikram, telling him to set the alarm on this app so that he can be reminded when to drink. Katha calls Aarav and says Raghav mentioned he seems nervous, but is it because of Viaan? Aarav requests his mother not to put Viaan in front of him again. When Pari asks Ruhi to summon Raghav, he enters the house, claiming that he has arrived but that there is still another one with him. Ruhi takes the nae of Viaan sir, who enters the house, and Aarav gets upset when he sees him. Raghav tells that he met Viaan, but he was being formal; Aarav yells at Viaan, asking why he came here; Aarav is unable to settle down and continues ranting at Viaan; Katha is stunned.


Precap: Katha asks Viaan what he should do, and Viaan says he should be allowed to enter the room, which Katha says is not possible, but Viaan argues Aarav is his son and he deserves it, and Ruhi asks if he is the father. Raghav returns, claiming Katha needed time to think about what she wanted, and she looks at both Raghav and Viaan.