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Mr. Garewal begins the ceremony by giving Viaan the family sword as well as Katha to look after. Mr. Garewal falls to his knees to present it, but Viaan stops him. He believes Mr. Garewal should give it to Katha because he is always the one who saves him from trouble. Yuvraj asks Viaan to look after his sister, who appears powerful but emotional at the same time. Mr. Garewal, Viaan’s father-in-law, presents him with a rifle that has phony buttles that produce the same sounds as genuine ones. Mr. Garewal shot three times. It was Yuvraj’s turn, and as is customary, Viaan had to sit on his shoulder as he carried him. Mr. Garewal says he’ll go to the temple and pray there until the rounds begin. Mr. Garewal says his goodbyes, and Yuvraj follows. Aarav was concerned about Viaan collapsing.

Teeji doubts Meera’s patience, saying that now is the moment to show Mr. Garewal the video and put an end to this marriage. Meera has a plan; they want to blame Katha but not involve Viaan. Meera assures them that a bomb will be detonated as planned, and that they must first protect themselves.

Yuvraj invites Kaha to the surprise. When Katha inquires about Mr. Garewal’s whereabouts, Yuvraj responds that he is going the temple to pray for Katha and Viaan’s happiness. Yuvraj reminds everyone of Mr. Garewal’s pledge, which he has kept by giving his and Aditya’s part of the property to Aarav. Reet was distraught, and his brother, who was standing nearby, agreed with The Garewal’s infatuation with Katha. Katha refuses to take it because she has already been told that Aarav does not require it. Mr. Garewal requested that Kavita not listen to Katha on this topic. Katha is perplexed as to why he named his share Aarav as well. Kavita tells Mr. Garewal that everything is in order. Yuvraj believes that this is the final decision, and that the family’s support should remain with Katha. Katha regards this family as her support system; she requires nothing else.

Viaan takes Aarav to see his new bedroom. Viaan wants to know Aarav’s comments, but instead begins crying for no apparent reason. Vanya arrived to take them downstairs, and she confronts Viaan about making Aarav weep. Aarav feels emotional after viewing his room, as Viaan questions. Vanya requests that he share the room with her because they will have a lot of fun together. Katha believes that individuals who wake up early have their wishes fulfilled, therefore Aarav warns her about his habit of getting up early.

Teeji begins the ceremonies by applying Ubtan to Viaan, crying since her son is being married and will be leaving her. Viaan refused; he might be a part of Viaan and Katha’s lives, but he would never abandon his mother. Maya follows Teeji, and Farha continues only with Maya’s permission. Viaan inquires of Farha regarding Ehsan’s absence. Viaan follows Ehsan as he enters the room and covers Viaan’s face with Ubtan. The brother and sister compliment each other. Vanaya stands up and inadvertently puts ubtan to Ehsan’s shirt. Farah and Teeii lock their gaze on them.

Meera sends Vanya to get the thali while she stops Aarav and asks him whether he conceals secrets from his parents. Aarav did it once, but it got him into trouble; Katha believes that no secrets equals an easy life. Meera claims that although he does not keep secrets, his parents do.

Katha comes to celebrate her ubtan. Aarav approaches Katha and requests that she not hide any secrets from her; he recalls Maya telling him that his parents have kept secrets from him. Katha tells Aarav that he will be kept up to date on everything except the surprises. Kavit seats Meera so that the celebration can begin. Reet’s brother was enraged by Aarav’s acquisition of all the property; Reet reassures him that she is doing her best. Everyone at the Garewal Mansion joins in on the dancing. Reet offers Meera a drink and cautions her not to seek her assistance after marriage. Meera takes measured steps and sends Reet away. Meera considers breaking Kavita’s heart.

Teeji notices Viaan and leaves after noticing Katha’s photo.

Meera approaches Kavita, saying that it must be reassuring for a mother to know that her daughter and son-in-law have a solid foundation, and that a joyful beginning leads to a bright future. After changing costumes, Katha returns for further rituals, and Kavita excuses herself. Reet’s brother spikes his drink with alcohol and mocks the bride for not having an uncle to execute the rites. Yuvraj, like Reet’s brother, steps forward to carry out the tradition. Reet’s brother inquires about the distinction between a blood relative and a so-called sister.

PRECAP: Katha and Viaan’s baraat ceremony begins. Meera wants Reet to do something; everything is on her shoulders. While Reet informs Yuvraj about Viaan’s 1 crore offer to spend the night with Katha, Katha and Viaan execute their pheeras. Reet suspects Viaan of blackmailing Katha.