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Viaan brings Katha into his room to see what’s hurting him because her eyes can tell. Katha wonders if she had a bad dream. Viaan is relieved because it was all a dream. It felt real to Katha, who had similar visions after Aarav’s disease was discovered. Katha attempted to phone Viaan, but he did not answer. Katha was attempting to approach Viaan in her dream, but he vanished every time she got close. Viaan can’t question women’s intuition because he was away from her and his phone was on mute, therefore her senses were valid, but now he’s in front of her. Viaan believes Katha’s concerns are linked to the past and that they must resurface. Katha mocks him for using the words “necessary” and “popup” in the same sentence. She expresses regret for overeating. Katha has something to say regarding what Teeji stated about Aarav before. Katha isn’t complaining; she knows Teeji is trying to love Aarav, but she is afraid of being completely accepted, whether this house will ever be his or Aarav’s. Viaan takes Katha to demonstrate anything.

Viaan brings Katha to Aarav’s bedroom and even arranges the closet, which belongs to both the son and the father. All of Aarav’s paintings are framed and hung on the wall by Viaan. Viaan claims that this is a gift from Teeji, and that she must have shouted those things in fury. Viaan urges Katha to give Teeji some time because he believes that time would make Teeji and Aarav inseparable. Viaan also has something else to show her.

The office manager apologizes for not saving video footage from 10 months ago; they don’t even keep video footage from six months.

Viaan wants Katha to gaze at the sky and tell him what she sees. Viaan wishes for her to locate his Katha in the sky. Katha is perplexed because she cannot see herself. Viaan shows Katha his star finder software and a star he named for her on the app. Katha is perplexed as to how that is possible. Viaan believes that anything is possible. Katha doubts she’ll ever be able to do something so meaningful for him. Viaan desires nothing more than Katha and Aarav; it is the most precious thing to him. Katha hugs him, and Viaan reciprocates with a firm hug.

When Ehsan enters the house, Teeji asks if they accomplished anything. Maya informs them that they have lost, she asks everyone how Katha managed to collect 1 crore, she has all the clues but no proof. Maya believes it is best to leave the subject go because Katha may have arranged for money from somewhere else. It’s pointless to look into this. Teeji wonders if she should dance at the wedding. Maya believes they should consider themselves fortunate for having doubted Katha because their investigation lead them to the conclusion that Kahta is innocent. Maya wants Teeji to be happy in this marriage because the wedding is coming up. Ehsan is at ease.

Viaan and Katha are sharing a bed. Katha should leave about dawn. They will escape from the backside like teens if Viaan cannot turn on the light. Viaan inquires as to how Katha arrived here. Kavita refused, but Mr. Garewal and Yuvraj assisted her. It’s a hit with Viaan. Ehsan walks away as they laugh together.

Teeji is despondent; Maya was her final hope. Maya laughed, she never lost, she said everything because Ehsan was listening, she could see his reflection in the mirror. Maya has developed an empire, and because her management refuses to provide the tape, she hired a personal agent to track it down 10 months ago. She shows Teeji the film, which plainly depicts Katha’s dread and desperation; the video also depicts Kahta departing with a bag.

The following morning, Viaan entered the Garewal Mansion, calling out to Ehsan, who was standing behind him. Ehsan wants to abandon the matter after Viaan apologizes for not being able to speak the day before. Viaan accuses him of concealing anything; he calls and inquires about a 1 crore transaction before stating that he will not judge Viaan for anything. Ehsan didn’t want Viaan to feel criticized for not informing him of the news, and the accountant wanted to know how to explain the transaction, so Ehsan filed it under miscellaneous. Another important issue is Viaan’s bachelor celebration. Viaan refuses since, in his mind, he is already a father and a husband. Ehsan admires Viaan’s principles. When Katha greets Ehsan, Viaan immediately embraces her. Kavita and Vanya arrive and ask them about their encounter. Viaan claims that he happened to see Kahta while on his way to offer Aarav’s outfit. Kavita is curious about what transpired last night between Viaan and Katha. Mr. Garewal and Yuvraj are mentioned by Ehssan. Kavita informs him that they have both fallen asleep after being awake all night. Vanaya is curious whether Ehsan’s mission was successful, and if he will ever tell her about it. Ehsan will not, but the event would not have been possible without her. He requests that she bring butter. Vanya hands him some butter.

Maya is dead set on winning, and Katha will never know what happened to her.

PREPCAP: The Ubtan feature is activated. Maya wants Reet to take action. Teeji asks Maya how to cease this function, and Maya relies on Reet to complete the work.