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If the ring falls another time, Aarav will catch it. Raghav understands that they are marrying for their children, but he wonders if Katha would marry for him alone. Raghav, according to Katha, is a superior person and deserves better than she does. Raghav remembers a poem.

Katha recalls finding Raghav and Aarav playing in his workplace that day. Raghav collapses, and Katha assists him in getting up. Katha was worried because he was going for four days. In his absence, Aarav becomes agitated. Raghav has requested her to accompany him to London in order to find a lasting solution to their problem. Raghav wants to say something before handing her the ring, remembering the day she told them about their relationship. Raghav was in London, and after the conference, he would take the first aircraft back to India. Katha wishes for them to marry. Raghav was taken aback and requested Katha and Aarav to collect their belongings and relocate to his house. Raghav sings a song since he was unable to properly articulate his emotions. Katha relives the time she told Viaan about her feelings. Raghav calls the violent, sings a song for Katha, and gets down on his knees to propose with the ring. Katha couldn’t stop herself from thinking about Viaan. Raghav asks for her hand, which Katha reluctantly extends; he places a ring on her finger, and everyone applauds. Aarav takes a step forward, handing Raghav the Katha ring. Katha puts a ring on his ring finger. Aarav and Ruhi both hug their parents.


Ehsan approaches Viaan with drinks and asks if he recalls Katha. Viaan didn’t forget about her for a second. Ehsan is aware that Viaan must have many questions for Katha. Viaan has questions about fate, such as why they were destined when none of them did anything wrong. Viaan will see her again; their narrative cannot conclude in this manner.


Raghav and Katha receive blessings from Raghav’s mothers. She was hesitant about Katha, but after realizing that Katha feels similarly to her mother, she decided to make her the daughter in law.


Ruhi sits next to Katha at the dinner table, thanking her for permanently entering her life. Raghav allows Aarav to take his seat. Aarav becomes enraged, and his grandmother tells him not to make faces. Aarav says it’s an angry man’s face. Raghav can give Katha anything, but it’s time for a toast. Raghav says that love means accepting someone totally, and he appreciates Katha for making him realize that he is loved. Everyone applauds. Raghav senses Katha’s discomfort with the ring.

Viaan arrives at Katha’s house, goes to her flat, rings the doorbell, and knocks, calling Katha and Aarav. He sobs as he wonders where she is and waits for her to return.


Raghav notices Katha removing the ring; Katha apologizes, explaining that it was irritating her. Raghav will get it repaired by a jeweler tomorrow. Raghav’s mother urges everyone to brighten up and tells them to go home because Vicky is probably waiting for them with his mood swings.

Falguni runs into Viaan outside the building, and he inquires about Katha. Falguni claims to have left a long time ago. Viaan knows she won’t tell him about her, so he won’t hassle her about it either. Viaan departs. Falguni considers telling Katha about it, but decides against it, especially since she has recently married.


The soldier stops Viaan and questions him about his roaming. Viaan explains that he came to see a friend and her son Aarav. The guard informs Viaan that she left two days ago, which shocked him.


Raghav’s mother greets Katha as she enters the house. Vicky comes to a halt; he needs to properly welcome Katha into the house. He treats her to a nice treat, but not Raghav. Raghav’s mother asks him not to overdo it, as they don’t want to make Katha feel embarrassed. Vicky inquires, “Did he miss the engagement because of her?” She responds, “Did he miss the ceremony because of the doctor and the high blood pressure?” Vicky blames his high blood pressure on his sister. He questions Raghav’s decision not to call him. Katha says they missed him a lot and didn’t call to make him feel guilty, but Vicky shouldn’t worry because they’ll have a real celebration with him. Vicky adores Katha, and she inquires as to whether he took his medications. Raghav and Katha both depart to freshen up. Vicky hugs Aarav and tells him that he is maturing into a strong and gorgeous guy. Ruhi inquires, then twists his hand to test his strength. The grandma Ruhi believes that Aarav’s power will be beneficial to her. Ruhi refuses to have a guy defend her because she is capable of doing so herself.


Viaan pleadings with Yuvraj to inform him about Katha. Viaan wishes to meet with Mr. Garewal. inquires about his health. Mr. Garewal is no longer with them, he has died, Yuvraj inquires. Yuvraj claims that he recovered from the bullet but was unable to overcome his guilt at not saving Katha. He died as a result of a heart attack. Kavita fell into depression because she couldn’t cope with what had happened; she now resides in London with her brother. Viaan sobs. Yuvraj has lost everything, and he lacks the strength to confront Viaan. Viaan begs him to tell him about Katha and to allow him speak to her once. Yuvraj claims that she is finally content. He refuses to tell Viaan anything about him. Viaan swears to find her because they are meant to be together.


PRECAP: Katha and Aarav have fun and flirt with Raghav’s family. Yuvraj calls to tell her about his meeting with Viaan. Only a street apart, Katha, Viaan, and Katha seek refuge from the pouring rain.