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Katha will always consider Raghav her family, but Viaan is the one she loves. Katha asks Raghav to help, she doesn’t know what to do. Raghav hands her the ring box, Katha wipes her tears. Raghav opens the box to it containing the ring with which Viaan proposed to Katha. Raghav assures her about it, he reads her a poem. Katha turns to Viaan, Raghav hands him the box, he knew it since it the start. Raghav wants Viaan and Katha to start fresh on the condition that Katha will not torture herself again. Ehsan is the one to be credited for everything. Ehsan thanks him, hugs Viaan. Vanaya questions him for not telling her earlier. Raghav will start with them, the new Katha will begin from now, Katha 2.o whom Raghav will be apart from since chapter 1. Katha worries about Ruhi, she can not let her lose a mother again. Raghav asks her not to, he calls Ruhi inside, Aarav comes along.

Mamu recalls Raghav wanting to help Katha by doing the right thing, though Mamu asked Raghav to think about himself, how can he hand over his love to someone else. Raghav is doing it for love, Katha and Aarav became a major part of their lives, spread happiness but are they really happy here. Mamu questions him, Raghav knows that Katha will only be truly happy with Viaan. Katha will stay here but only as paying a debt. Raghav can treat Aarav but cannot be his father. Raghav knows that Ruhi is a sensible child, she will understand but would not accept her mother sacrificing her entire life.

Mamu tells Katha that he always considered Katha a family member from day one. Katha loves Ruhi, she will never leave her. Ruhi knows, though she was worried about it but when Raghav told her the whole truth that fear went away because a woman willing to sacrifice her life for her will never leave. Katha calls Aarav requesting him to act as a team, they should not leave each other. Viaan tells Aarav that everything will happen on Aarav’s command, there is no pressure. Aarav recalls his memories with Viaan and the dog pin he gifted Aarav. Raghav talked to Aarav about Viaan, telling him that Katha forgave Viaan despite him hurting her, she fell in love with him as well because she is a bigger person. Raghav thinks that Viaan couldn’t be a good father, it isn’t easy to be one. Aarav disagrees, Viaan was a good father, he loved him. Raghav thinks otherwise. Aarav loves his father, Raghav questions him for staying mad at his father to the extent of losing him. It’s time for Aarav to take the high road. Viaan suggests taking Aarav for Karate lessons, he has learned some new moves. Aarav hugs Viaan apologizing for everything. Aarav loves his father, everyone hugs each other.

At night, Katha and Viaan sit together to talk. Katha knows that she has hurt him a lot in previous days, she suffered herself. Viaan knows, he could see it in her eyes. Katha was trembling after that incident, Aarav was out of hand, she didn’t know what to do. Viaan apologize for not being there, he learned that they need to stay together through all ups and downs, their love will win over everything. Viaan stops Katha from looking while he opens the box, he proposes, Katha wears the ring. This time Katha promises to not let anything distance her from Viaan, she hugs him tightly.
Viaan, Ruhi, and Aarav enter the office arguing if they should go to the mall or cinema. Viaan silences them. Viaan tells Ruhi that there is new animated movie out which they will see tomorrow, tells Aarav that it is mall day. Jeetu comes giving Viaan thumbs up for the parenthood and the new project Ehsan and Vanya locked. Viaan gives the children a quiz to solve, asks them to guess who cracked the Sydney project within a day. Ruhi tells that her mother did it, Aarav corrects her by referring to Katha as their mother. Nivedita informs Viaan about Katha waiting for her, he looks for her, Nivedita tells that Katha is in his cabin because she will be ordering something interesting in Katha’s cabin. She asks the children whether to order daal khicher or cheese pizza, they other vote for cheese pizza, they leave. Viaan receives a text from Raghav questioning him for sending him on a date, its too risky for him. Viaan wants him to take the risk for a new start.

Viaan comes to Katha complementing her glow, Viaan can dress for the awards. Katha can only say that it’s a new beginning. Viaan guesses it to be the new projects they got, than it being his new book launch. Katha tells her that this year has been filled with miracles, she shows him a medical report, they are pregnant. They were overwhelmed, hugged each other.