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Katha notices Viaan in the crowd, looks down for a second, and he is no longer there. Viaan comes from the sidelines, reminding her that he may not be present, but he is, and that if they are destined to be together, why is she looking away? He has received his punishments and is still alive as a result of his misdeeds. Viaan confronts her about not talking to him. Katha closes her eyes and weeps. Raghav reads a poem to her. He questions her for being concerned; she shouldn’t be concerned about the ring; according to the children, everything can be found if searched with a pure heart. Nothing is impossible; they were once possible but are no longer.

Katha recalls Yuvraj persuading her to support Raghav. Yuvraj discovered the importance of honest intentions. Katha forgives him for what he did at the wedding; he was at his worst when it came to helping her. Yuvraj now has a sister and wishes to repay the favor. Aarav has changed after Raghav’s arrival. Katha is perplexed. Yuvraj asks her to consider her options and make a decision.


Raghav informs Katha at the sporting event that people in love biochemically crave chocolate. He was attempting to explain to Ruhi, his daughter, that having a child brings up a lot of emotions. Ruhi completely transformed his life; she has never complained but requires a mother. Raghav will get right to the point: there is no one more qualified than Katha to be Ruhi’s mother, and Aarav also needs a father figure. He can’t ask her to fall in love the way teenagers do. Yuvraj talked to Katha about it, and she says she can’t think about marriage right now. Raghav understands; he isn’t a spoiled brat. Before Katha leaves, she will schedule an appointment with Raghav or Aarav. Raghav had horrible timing yet again.


Everyone dances at Ehsan and Vanya’s wedding, and they try to drag Viaan into the middle. Katha sobs in the corner. Viaan sobs as he looks at pictures of himself, Aarav, and Katha. They are both in his thoughts, as if they are waiting for him, wondering if they are mad or have begun to hate him. Viaan begs them to return.


Raghav tells Aarav that worrying is counterproductive. Aarav wants the engagement to take place right now. Raghav will acquire a new ring before departing with Aarav.


Katha recalls Aarav getting into a fight with his pals over cake. Raghav was the only person who could control Katha. She contacts Yuvraj to convince him that it is wise to marry Raghav, and that she will do anything for her Aarav.


Raghav found the ring because he looked for it with all his heart. Ruhi was relieved since Raghav chose this ring out of a million others. Raghav claims that this ring is one in a million. Raghav’s mother intervenes and agrees with him. The ceremony has begun.

Viaan chastises Ehsan for not informing him about Vanya earlier. Ehsan waited for the appropriate moment, but he only waited. Viaan calls him an idiot and demands that he reveal his feelings. Ehsan was a moron; he was worried about Vanya and couldn’t even admit his sentiments to himself. Vanya was his only source of income while Viaan was away. He recalls Vanya coming to him for a meeting and questioning him about his concern for Viaan. Ehsan shouts at her for referring to him as depressed. Viaan understands. Vanya interjects, claiming that he fixed him in two days. Vanya pursued him in the parking lot to inquire about his health. Ehsan refused to speak with her and sat in his car. Vanya confronted him about not speaking to her. Ehsan mocks her for thinking of herself as a queen. Vanya knows Ehsan loves him because he confessed to him while drunk. She walked away. Ehsan pursued him; he couldn’t say anything to Vanya because she was Viaan’s sister. Vanya deems him a coward; she has the ability to kill him but refuses to do so because she prefers to battle him indefinitely. She merely wants to drive him insane because she adores him. Ehsan was taken aback and opened her arms for an embrace.

Viaan had her seated; hearing about their news in prison had reawakened him. Viaan believes in loving oneself, the earth, and each other first.


PRECAP: Viaan and Katha are a street apart, both drenched in rain.