Katha Ankhahee 18th September 2023 | Episode 206

Episode 206

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Katha Ankhahee 18th September 2023 Episode 206 Katha & Viyan Love Story Full Video Episode, Written Update Only on bollyserials.com

Viaan and Katha are playing a game. Viaan asks Katha a tough question about the capital of Vienna. Katha answers that Vienna is the capital of Austria, and she recently taught this to Aarav. Katha doesn’t want this night to end because she cherishes their time together. Viaan vows to create more special moments like this and believes that no one is envious of their relationship.

Teeji throws Vanya’s gift from the balcony, and Maya hopes that Teeji is feeling better. Maya is in need of proof to support her case, and she believes that only Katha and Viaan know the truth. She questions who handles the bookings at the company.

Ehsan wonders about the possibility of a hotel reservation and realizes that Jeeny might have the information, but she is on leave. Ehsan plans to contact Jeetu, who works in the accounts office and has access to old records.

Teeji tells Maya that they need to get in touch with Jeetu, as she needs the information that could lead her to the hotel’s surveillance footage, the evidence she requires.

The next morning, Viaan notices that Katha seems lost in thought. She expresses her fear of losing something she has found. Viaan reassures her that he won’t let her go and is willing to fight against anything that threatens their love. Katha worries that their love might lead to conflicts, and Viaan assures her that he will handle any issues that arise. They both share their feelings and determination to make their love last. Katha mentions her missing phone, identity card, and other belongings, which are all inside her abandoned car in a deserted area.

Viaan receives a call from Aarav, who excitedly reveals that he has packed his bags and is ready to move to Viaan’s house permanently. Viaan also receives a call from Neerja, who informs him that she is leaving for Delhi.

Meanwhile, Maya is on a call, instructing someone to keep Neerja occupied in Delhi for an extended period. She then approaches Jeetu and asks him to find information about a hotel that Viaan once mentioned, stating that she wants to book a suite for him as a wedding gift. Ehsan rushes into the office, and Maya wants Jeetu to access the booking history for the month of November. Ehsan, however, unplugs the main server to disrupt her plans. Maya instructs Jeetu to connect via hotspot, and he reluctantly complies. Maya continues her quest for information.

Neerja bids farewell to Viaan, Katha, and Aarav, expressing her love and prayers for their happiness. She advises Viaan to never leave Katha’s side. Aarav presents Neerja with a hand-painted picture of her shelter home as a parting gift, and they take a selfie together.

Jeetu is close to accessing the booking history for November but receives a phone call and leaves in a hurry. Ehsan stops Jeetu and informs him that his wife is fine, but Jeetu is frustrated by the scare he received. Ehsan arranges a vacation for Jeetu and his wife in Kerala, urging him not to answer any calls or messages during their trip.

Maya realizes that she needs Jeetu’s phone to find the information she’s looking for. Vanya spills coffee on Maya’s hand, causing her to drop the phone. Maya decides to access Jeetu’s phone, but Ehsan approaches Vanya and hugs her.

Maya searches Viaan’s office in the hope of finding something incriminating. She discovers an envelope containing money, which she counts and realizes is 83 thousand rupees. This discovery confirms her suspicion that Viaan gave Katha 1 crore rupees, and her honesty led her to return the extra 83 thousand. Maya acknowledges Viaan’s guilt and admires Katha’s integrity.

Katha says her final goodbye to her apartment, which has been her companion for many years. She expresses her gratitude for the memories it holds and the ups and downs of her life. Viaan, Katha, and Aarav share a heartfelt hug, and Viaan keeps the key, promising that they can visit anytime they want.

Ehsan tries to contact Viaan, but Viaan ignores his calls. Ehsan texts him, and Viaan takes a photo of Aditya’s picture, symbolizing the beginning of their new life together. They leave the apartment.

Maya hears some employees discussing the unplugged server and suspects that someone is interfering with her plans. She becomes suspicious of Vanya.

In the upcoming episode, Ehsan has a conversation with Viaan, and Katha overhears Teeji giving instructions to the house help regarding Aarav’s bag.

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