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Aarav enters the stage with Raghav and Katha rings. Raghav extends his hand, as Katha looks at Aarav. Raghav wants everyone to help him discover the ring so that he can thank that specific individual. Aarav will track it down. Raghav believes it a miracle that they are together, and Aarav is the cause for this. He expresses gratitude to Katha for entering his life.

Raghav remembers meeting Katha in a sports club; he sits next to him, but Aarav does not reply. Raghav is perplexed as to why everyone in this sporting club is so disrespectful. Aarav advises children to approach strangers. Raghav, who used to chat to everyone, disagrees, calling Aarav arrogant, to which he reacts with an angry gaze. Raghav wants Aarav to channel his rage through sports; he came here to practice bowling, not to compete with Aarav. Aarav explodes in rage, accusing him of talking to him while there are plenty of children here to chat to. Raghav wonders why Aarav refers to him as an old man. Aarav cannot refer to him as a child. Raghav thinks it’s adorable and decides to share his chips with him. He believes Aarav is suspicious and believes that everyone is his enemy. Aarav introduces himself, takes the chips, and begins eating quickly. They are both fighting over the chips. Raghav believes he can befriend Aarav since he eats loudly and plays cricket. Raghav recommends watching the Pakistan-India cricket match together; he will assist Aarav and can have all the chips. Katha approaches them, Aarav introduces Raghav to her, and he departs to play cricket. Raghav winked at Katha, and both of them were embarrassed. Raghav clarified his point.

Katha waits at the office as Aarav is painting with Raghav in his clinic; Raghav discovers Aarav’s artwork, which captures an element of tranquility, and queries Aarav about it.

Raghav shows Aarav the picture and inquires as to what Katha gained from it. Katha expresses her desire to live in harmony with his monkey. Raghav claims that this artwork portrays a positive transition; for the first time in a long time, Aarav is not angry or disappointed. Raghav stated that Aarav stated that he painted a picture of a serene world where no one could harm his mother. Raghav demands coffee or a double fee, and Katha thanks him. Katha would collect his pay and bring coffee from the outside. In the photograph, she inquires about his family. Raghav tells her about his ex-wife and daughter. She did not die; she simply relocated. They were in an arranged marriage and couldn’t adjust, so they split up. He appreciates her leaving their daughter to him. He reads a poem to her.
Despite not having the same blood, Raghav informs Katha that Aarav is his son at this point.

Aarav was experiencing a panic episode at three months since he didn’t want Katha but Raghav. Katha attempts to calm him down, wondering why he doesn’t need her. Aarav want to speak with Raghav; Katha informs him that they will meet him tomorrow. Aarav maintains his demand. Katha agrees, and he wakes Raghav, who was sleeping.

Raghav answers the phone, and Katha apologizes. Raghav inquires about Aarav’s well-being, and Katha responds that he is stubborn. Aarav wishes to speak with him. Katha regrets the late-night call. Raghav didn’t mind, and Aarav talked to Raghav before falling asleep on Katha’s lap. When Katha picks up the phone, Raghav tells him to remember his mother’s dessert. Katha comes in and asks when Aarav told him about the cake. Raghav claims that the knowledge is confidential, yet he would like to consume the cake as Raghav alone.
Raghav went in search of the ring.

Teeji approaches Viaan, who is standing in the corner, knowing that he cannot hide his anguish. Unlike Teeji, Viaan is a powerful individual. She has been through a lot because of Viaan’s questioning. Teeji claims that Katha is a dependent woman, whereby she clings to Viaan too tightly when she is in pain, entirely ignoring the possibility that it may hurt him in return. Teeji supported Maya out of fear of losing Viaan, but the truth was that Viaan was and would always be her support. Teeji has recognized that her anxieties were unfounded; she should have been afraid of harming him and Katha; she is now a different person. She wants Viaan to bring Katha home; it will be difficult for her to face Katha, but she will manage with Viaan’s help. Viaan has no idea where she is, she didn’t come to meet him for no reason, and she must be terrified for another. It would be difficult to bring Katha back; there are many unsolved questions.

While everyone was looking for the ring, Katha notices Viaan amid the crowd.

PRECAP: Viaan questions her decision to abandon reality, claiming that they are destined to be together. Katha sobs quietly in the corner. When Raghav locates the ring, their wedding ceremony will commence.