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Katha speaks with the child’s mother and informs her that she maintains the headphones for tranquility. They leave in a peaceful society after the mother asks them. Katha says she wants peace at home, that the environment of the house is heavily influenced by a child’s behavior, and that her mother should talk to her child, be her friend, and attempt to understand her behavior. The mother approaches her daughter, allows her to retain the headphones, and they both leave. Katha plans to see her tomorrow. Katha receives a phone call and rushes home.

The individuals standing by Aarav said that he left the school unexpectedly; they inquired, but he refused to respond. Katha inquires whether anything happened at school. The teacher describes a delightful project in which the students write about their favorite superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, and Robin. The teachers have left.

When Katha hears Viaan’s voice requesting Batman to meet him at the sports club, she worries how to approach Aarav. When Katha entered the bedroom, Aarav had spray painted the entire wall in an aggressive manner. Katha stops Aarav, clams him, informs him that he will return tomorrow, and advises them to leave the past behind them. Aarav misses him and wishes to speak with him.

Viaan tells a friend in jail that Batman became his life, and that the boy was smarter than him. Viaan had a particular bond with him, and I can’t wait to see him again. The cellmate has formed a bond with Viaan and will miss his company and music. If fate had it, they will meet again, hopefully not in prison.

When Katha calls, Viaan gets a call as well. Katha informs Aarav that he is getting insufferable, that she requires his assistance, and that he should return and reconcile their relationship. Viaan will do whatever she wants, and she considers getting engaged tomorrow.

Katha’s yoga class is a hit with the kids. Falguni approaches Katha and asks if she is rushing towards this engagement decision. This partnership will mark a new beginning for them and Aarav. It will serve as a reminder that they are starting a new stage of their lives. Falguni wanted to know what was in her heart, and she promised to try her best.

Yuvraj was stunned to learn of the engagement today, recalling the incidents with Viaan that occurred 8 months ago.
Ehsan comforts Viaan, who is crying. Ehsan was aware of who Viaan desired to see first. He tells him that the dress is ready and that he should get ready and go to the engagement. Ehsan states that she is still concerned about everything and thinks that something horrible may happen. Viaan tells them that destiny will be on their side this time.

All of Aarav’s drawings are packed by Katha. A police officer walked inside Viaan’s cell and asked for his autograph. The book is signed by Viaan. The officer had seen a lot of criminals in this cell, but Viaan was not one of them. There is relief after every agony, and this difficult moment will be compensated for.

Katha packs her belongings while reliving her memories with Viaan. Yuvraj hugs her, pleased with her progress. He inquires about Aarav. He went shopping with Falguni, according to Katha.

When Viaan was released from jail, his belongings were given to him. Katha prepares for the wedding. Falguni applauds her; Aarav, who was also clothed, is complimented. Aarav takes her hand in his and leads her to him.

Ehsan was present when Viaan emerged from the prison. Viaan’s autograph and selfies were in high demand. Viaan is asked by the media to tell his Katha. Viaan tells his story. The media wonders where he might travel first. Viaan has an important occasion to attend first, after which he sees his mother and departs.

Viaan arrives to Teeji’s door, expecting him. Teeji apologized for crying at his fresh beginning, but she couldn’t stop herself. Viaan embraces her. Teeji accepts Viaan because she has been waiting for him since the morning.

Falguni instructs her husband to drive quickly and informs him that if Aarav remains silent, he should prepare to dance with her. Aarav glances out the window, while Katha examines her and Viaan’s photograph.

PREPCAP: Viaan was driving. He’s only ten minutes away. Katha informs Aarav that he is only ten minutes away. After a long time, Aarav smiled. Viaan, Teeji, and Ehsan arrive at the location.