Katha Ankhahee 15th September 2023 | Episode 205

Episode 205

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Katha Ankhahee 15th September 2023 Episode 205 Katha & Viyan Love Story Full Video Episode, Written Update Only on bollyserials.com

Katha and Viaan perform traditional rituals at the shrine and pray together for each other’s well-being.

Liza sends a picture of Teeji and Maya having a meeting with EarthCon employees to Ehsan. Ehsan recognizes the man on the committee from Shamita’s case and wonders what they want from him.

Katha and Viaan finish their prayers and prepare to leave the shrine. They wrap themselves in a shawl as they exit. Viaan helps Katha adjust her scarf. They stop to have a special drink together, and Viaan explains why it’s called the “drink of love.” Katha defines it as peace. They exchange compliments about the drink, wash their hands, and prepare to serve juice to others.

Maya believes that the prolonged case has uncovered a lot of hidden information. She asks Ehsan to recall any unusual details from their conversation. Teeji thinks this exercise is pointless, but Maya suggests bringing him coffee to boost his memory. The man remembers Viaan making a comment that led to a heated argument between Katha and Viaan. Katha had asked Viaan if he had ever offered money to spend a night with someone. Teeji and Maya are shocked by this revelation. Vanya enters the house looking for Viaan. Maya sends the officer and gives him half of the money, with the rest to come after the job is done. Maya questions Vanya’s presence since Viaan is not at home.

Ehsan and the colleague he met earlier enter an elevator, and the colleague threatens to disclose their discussion with Maya. The man is worried about getting involved in their troubles and asks Ehsan not to drag his name into it.

Vanya mentions that she brought a wedding gift from her and her mother for Viaan. Teeji reacts angrily, saying that Vanya and her mother have already given the family enough gifts. Maya intervenes and sends Vanya home. She advises Teeji to use her energy to disrupt Katha and Viaan’s relationship instead of getting angry with others. Teeji never thought that Viaan would offer money for someone to spend a night with him, as she didn’t raise him that way. Maya doesn’t care about what happened but wants to know if this information could break Katha and Viaan’s relationship.

Vanya questions Ehsan for calling her there and then asking her to leave. She feels sorry for Liza. Ehsan thought of her as an independent woman but says he will explain everything later. Vanya mentions that they were supposed to go to Garewal Mansion for the Sangeet ceremony. Ehsan tells her he has a date with Liza, which upsets Vanya, and she calls him selfish.

Maya connects the dots and realizes that Katha met Viaan after which she magically got the money. The interrogation questions are helping her clear her doubts. She speculates that Katha was desperate to save her son’s life and might have considered doing anything for it, but she wonders why Viaan offered money. Teeji is disheartened and disappointed, but Maya advises her not to worry because children have their own reasons and opinions. They need to focus on whether this information could lead to the cancellation of Katha and Viaan’s wedding.

Vanya sits in the car, and Ehsan asks her what happened. She tells him that everything went differently than expected. Ehsan had to meet the man to find out what Maya is planning. Vanya questions if he tells the truth to the girls he hangs out with. Ehsan promises to tell her the truth at the right time and asks her to leave for now. Vanya mentions their plans to go to Garewal Mansion for the Sangeet ceremony, but Ehsan has a date with Liza and leaves, making Vanya feel disappointed.

Teeji informs Maya about receiving a call from an unknown number. Maya asks her to answer it; it might be Viaan. Teeji answers the call, and Viaan tells her that he and Katha will have to stay overnight due to a minor inconvenience. Maya requests Teeji to remain calm and instructs them to stay safe and return home early in the morning. She sees this as a golden opportunity to investigate them.

Katha shares her idea of a different kind of wedding, more intimate than the extravagant one they are having. Viaan reminds her that they are doing it for their friends but also for the happiness they see in each other’s eyes. He suggests spending the night together and asks Katha to make any promises now. Katha, already feeling like they are married since Aarav called Viaan his father, hugs Viaan. He questions her manners for hugging him before the wedding, but Katha explains that she already considers him her husband. They share a heartfelt moment, and Viaan suggests spending the rest of their lives together, hugging each other.

In the next episode, Maya asks Teeji about hotel bookings, but someone disrupts her plans by cutting off the computer’s power. Everyone dances at Garewal Mansion, and Teeji instructs the house help to put Aarav’s bag in the storeroom, raising Katha’s suspicion. Maya awaits an opportunity to break Katha and Viaan’s marriage.

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